All Hunters in Amazon’s Crucible

10 Hunters are on Crucible.

Image via Amazon Games

Crucible is Amazon’s competitive shooter with PvE and PvP elements where players have to duke it out against each other while attempting to survive the dangerous wildlife. With three different game modes available, all players have to choose from 10 different hunters available in the game.

Unfortunately, until the game releases, we don’t have the full details of all those heroes. When we do find out all of the information for those Hunters, we’ll update this page to contain them all.


Ajonah is one of the Orisi people, a race of amphibian raiders who consistently relied on guerrilla warfare tactics. Currently, she’s away attempting to find a new weapon for her people to use against their native enemies, and she does not actively trust any of the other hunters she works alongside. She prefers to take out her opponents from a distance, favoring a powerful sniper rifle.

  • Jamming Shroud: Places a device that prevents others from detecting her. Tap this ability again to detonate.
  • Grappling Hook: Ajonah can use this to attach herself to a wall, potentially swinging on it.
  • Squid Mine: Fire out a mine to hit the enemy, slowing them upon impact.


Bugg had been created to serve on Crucible to see if androids were ready to take over the production of the planet. Bugg believes the planet is his garden. Thus he strives to protect it from any invaders or those who wish to harm it. However, he’s friendly to everyone he meets, which is a minor complication to his programming.

  • Seed Pod: Shoot out a seed pod and place it on the battlefield.
  • Shield Burst: You, seed pods, plants, and all nearby allies are given a temporary shield.
  • Sprayer: Activate your seed pods to attack opponents.
  • Thrusters: Propel Bugg forward or vertically.

Captain Mendoza

Mendoza has seen his share of battles, and enough for four lifetimes over again. He thrived in war and rose through the ranks do to how he fought and succeeded in combat. For his bravery, he was assigned to Crucible by his superiors and chooses to fight alongside others, letting them take the glory while he hangs back, waiting for another good fight.

  • Flash Grenade: Throw out a projectile to temporarily blind enemies.
  • Spring: Tap or hold down to move faster across the battlefield.
  • Supply Drop: Call down a medkit and bunker. The bunker knocks back opponents on landing.


Formerly, Earl served as a space trucker, carrying cargo all over the galaxy. One day, Earl found himself offloading cargo to Crucible, where occupants were being attacked nearby. He assisted with the evacuation, but he found himself stranded after attempting to take too many off-world. He’s now stranded.

  • Afterburner: Lurch forward using this ability at high speed.
  • Blowback Vents: Push enemies away from your position, and prevent any projectiles coming towards you.
  • Tanking Up: Earl drinks a beverage to restore part of his health.
  • Upshift: Shoots out four explosive rounds, increasing Turbofire.