How to play Rahi and Brother in Crucible

Rahi and Brother are the dynamic duo who look to help out wherever they can.

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Rahi and Brother are one of the ten playable characters in Crucible. They are a duo group who travel the galaxy looking to help people wherever they can. Crucible just happens to be their latest destination. Here is how they play in-game.

How to play Rahi and Brother in Crucible


Rahi’s main is beam weapon that continuously fires until its 80 ammo is depleted. Hitting enemies with the beam generates personal temporary shields for Rahi.

The duo has three separate passive abilities.

  • First, holding down the spacebar will charge up a super jump. There is no cooldown on it, so it can be used to effectively reach higher ground.
  • Second, Rahi always has a 300 health overshield on him.
  • Finally, when Brother is by your side, he will detect enemies that damage you. When he is sent away, he detects enemies in his line of sight.

His shift ability sends Brother forward to scout an area and detect enemies. Brother has a health bar when sent out, so enemies can knock him out when scouting. Pressing shift again teleports you to wherever Brother is situated. If you do not teleport to Brother before the meter runs out, he will move back to you.

The Q ability is called Laugh It Off. This gives Rahi a personal shield that fully covers him and slowly gets better over time until it is over.

The E ability is Shield of Justice. Rahi sends a projectile shield towards an ally that will also blind enemies.

Knuckleduster Force Punch is the right-click ability. It is a melee attack that will drain your personal shields and convert it into more damage in your attack.

Essence upgrades

Rahi & Brother’s essence upgrades revolve around the use of shields for Rahi and his powerful melee attack.

  • At level one, you can have passive shield regeneration at six shield per second, make the Shield of Justice larger and travel farther, or Force Punch becomes a projectile-based attack.
  • At level two, your main fire will cause more damage the longer it is connected to an enemy.
  • At level three, Brother’s shields can be increased to 300, Shield of Justice can create additional shields, or Force Punch can use up more shields to generate more damage.
  • At level four, Laugh It Off will give you more shields and let you move faster when using it.
  • At level five, your main fire will generate more personal shields or when Rahi teleports to Brother it will create a shockwave that knocks back enemies and gives teammates 150 shields.


  • Be sure to use your main fire to build up as much shield as possible and use Knuckleduster Force Punch to finish off enemies. The balance of keeping yourself protected and dealing enough damage will be a fine line to walk in battle.
  • While the main fire gives a consistent beam of damage, it is not necessarily a powerhouse and you must be in medium to close range to take advantage of it. Do not jump into a fight alone if you have low shields.