How to play Sazan in Cruicible

Sazan is a fearless soldier looking to remember a fateful day.

Sazan is one of the 10 playable characters in Crucible. She is an accomplished soldier who has become paranoid following a routine mission went sideway and left her with memory loss and nightmares. She is continuously on the search for the truth to what happened that faithful day. Here is how she plays in-game.

How to play Sazan in Cruicible


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Sazan is unique in the way that she has three main weapons and her abilities revolve around swapping between them. It is important to note that both weapons will only reload when they are not in use.

Her Q ability pulls out the Inertia Gun, which is also what she starts the match with. Every hit stacks on a slowing effect to the enemy and the ammo recharges.

Her E ability pulls out the Shotgun. Nothing particularly special about it, it’s a shotgun that will also recharge its ammo.

Her right click pulls out the Electroknife. It has long-lasting damage over time but can only be used once per cooldown. Melee with it in your hand does not increase damage of your attack.

Her shift allows her to dash forward quickly. It has a short three second cooldown, so you can use it regularly.

Finally, her passive, Guerilla Warfare, lets her move faster while crouching, using medkits, and while in detect mode.

Essence upgrades

Sazan’s essence upgrades mostly give her a slight boost passively in a multitude of areas.

  • At level one, she can heal 20 health each time she swaps weapons, make her Electroknife able to detect targets nearby, or go into a cloak for five seconds when completing an interaction or healing yourself.
  • At level two, all three weapons gain a passive ability. Electroknife gets a cloak, Shotgun gets a speed boost, and Inertia Gun grants 150 shields.
  • At level three, swapping weapons can increase damage by 6% for ten seconds, the Shotgun can be more accurate and knock people back, or Jet-Dash applies 60 damage with an added 60 damage over time.
  • At level four her dashes are increased to two.
  • At level five, you can increase your Electroknife damage by 33% and gain 33% more ammo for the other weapons, or let the Inertia Gun disrupt enemy abilities for half of a second.


  • Sazan’s weapons have a cooldown of their own when you swap to another, so do not expect to be swapping between the three consecutively as the fight progresses.
  • If you need to duck for cover, do so. Her dash and fast movement while healing make it easier to replenish your health during a fight.