All Hunting Request Locations in Red Dead Redemption 2 – It’s Art Trophy Guide

Perfect carcasses require a perfect kill.

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If you’re chasing a 100 percent completion for┬áRed Dead Redemption 2, you will need to finish all the Hunting Requests for Ms. Hobbs. The ‘It’s Art’ Trophy will have you hunting a long list of animals for Ms. Hobbs across the major states in the world.

Here is how you can start the Hunting Requests and where to look for each animal to complete the It’s Art Trophy in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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All Hunting Request Locations & How to Start Them

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To start the quest, you need to find any of the five Hunting Request photos that are located throughout Red Dead Redemption 2. Once you get one of the posters, the next step of the quest will begin when you complete it, and you don’t need to find each poster. Just mail the perfect pelt to Ms. Hobbs, and the next step in the quest will begin.

The good news is that the Hunting Requests are easy to find, as they can all be located at Post Offices in different settlements and towns.

  • Valentine Post Office
  • Strawberry Post Office
  • Rhodes Post Office
  • Saint Denis Post Office
  • Van Horn Trading Outpost Post Office

Where it gets a little difficult is that each of the Hunting Requests is for different animals and a different weapon. You need to kill the animal with that type of weapon and get perfect carcasses for them.

Hunting Request #1

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The first Hunting Request sends you on a hunt for a squirrel and an adult rabbit. Both are common spawns in Ambarino and New Hanover. You will need to use either a Small Game Arrow or Varmint Rifle to kill them.

Hunting Request #2

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The second request is for a cardinal, a rat, and a woodpecker. Once again, you need to bring them all down with Small Game Arrows or a Varmint Rifle.

  • Cardinal – You can find cardinals to the southeast and southwest of Valentine.
  • Rat – Can be found near pretty much any settlement, and will be attracted by Predator Bait or Herbivore Bait. Elysian Pool in New Hanover should have some rats behind the waterfall.
  • Woodpecker – Can be found near Annesburg.

Hunting Request #3

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The third request is for the chipmunk, robin, oriole, and opossum carcasses. All of them can be killed with Small Game Arrows or the Varmint Rifle, except the Opossum, who must be killed with the Varmint Rifle only.

  • Chipmunk – can spawn near Annesburg.
  • Robin – Can be found near Annesburg and south of Rhodes.
  • Oriole – can be found to the northwest of Flatneck Station in the Heartlands.
  • Opossum – can be found around Donner Falls in Ambarino.

Hunting Request #4

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The fourth request will need you to track down songbirds, sparrows, toads, bullfrogs, and skunks. Once again, it’s a Small Game Arrow or Varmint Rifle for all of them, except the Skunk, which is Varmint Rifle only.

  • Songbirds – Can be found to the north of Annesburg.
  • Sparrows – Can be found to the west of Braithwaite Manor, south of Rhodes.
  • Toads – Can be found on the islands in Flat Iron Lake, or at Bard’s Crossing where the Dakota River enters the lake.
  • Bullfrogs – Can be found in the Blue Water Marsh in Lemoyne.
  • Skunks – Can be found to the north of Annesburg, near Brandwine Drop.

Hunting Request #5

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The fifth request is for the cedar waxwing, bat, blue jay, crow, and beaver. Small Game Arrows and the Varmint Rifle will work, except for the beaver, which is Varmint Rifle only.

  • Cedar Waxwing – Can be found to the south of Riggs Station.
  • Bat – It’s back to the Elysian Pool in New Hanover for bats.
  • Blue Jay – Can be found along the banks of the Dakota River between Wallace Stage and the Diablo Ridge.
  • Crow – Can be found in Bolger Glade, to the east of Braithwaite Manor.
  • Beaver – Can be found at the lake to the west of Strawberry.
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When you send Ms. Hobbs the final perfect carcass, she will send you a message a couple of days later. Go to her quest marker, and she will give you a Squirrel Statue as a trophy. Put the statue above the fireplace on John’s farm, then sleep for 24 hours. The statue will go missing, and you need to find it again. You need to do this six times, sleeping between each discovery so that the statue moves again. Check the following locations to find the statue each time:

  • The chest in the bedroom
  • The chimney in John’s bedroom
  • In a chest above the kitchen, in the loft
  • Inside a wheelbarrow next to the barn
  • Up the ladder in the barn, hidden in a chest
  • On Mount Shann, north of Strawberry, to the southwest of the last “N” in Shann on the map.

When you find the statue for the final time at Mount Shann, the It’s Art Trophy will finally be awarded.