All ICA agent locations in Berlin – Hitman 3

Ten thousand against one.

During the Berlin mission in Hitman 3, there are multiple ICA agents searching for Agent 47. These units are consistently moving around and trying to find you. But you can find them first, and by doing so, you’ll be able to complete the Clean House challenge. There are 11 agents in total, and many of them are wearing disguises.

How to complete Clean House challenge – All ICA agent locations

Agent Price

Price is the first agent you encounter at the start of the mission. You find him shortly after you have the cutscene elaborating that there are multiple agents looking for Agent 47. He will be speaking to others through an earpiece. Eliminate him, take his earpiece, and you can proceed to the others.

Agent Banner

Agent Banner is on the same floor level as Agent Montgomery, Level -1. He’s disguised as a tech worker, and he’ll be patrolling just above the dance floor, searching for you.

Agent Chamberlin

Agent Chamberlin is on the lowest floor of the club. You can find him wandering around in the dance floor location. He’s going to stand near the side entrance, and you can lure him away from that spot with a good coin.

Agent Davenport

Agent Davenport believes he’s safe because he’s in the middle of the club, down a walkway with a handful of other people around him. He’s going to stick close to to other people, but if you find a coin nearby, you can pull him into the shadows.

Agent Green

Agent Green is a club security guard, but he’s protecting the exterior on a roof. You’ll have to make your way there from the interior of the club. You want to be dressed as some form of security to slip past the other guards.

Agent Lowenthal

Agent Lowenthal is deeper in the club. You can find him disguised as one of the bikers, guarding the drug packaging area. He patrols part of the building, and if you can time it correctly, you can take him out by overflowing a bathroom sink and luring him inside.

Agent Montgomery

Agent Montgomery is on the floor above the dance floor, inside the projection bar. He’s disguised as a security guard. We recommend making a lot of noise because Montgomery rarely gives you a chance to take him out.

Agent Rhodes

Agent Rhodes is disguised as one of the bikers, but he’s on the upper section of the club. He’s in a restricted area where the bikers are harvesting drugs, so gaining access to him will be tricky if you are not disguised as a biker.

Agent Swan

You can find Agent Swan in the chill-out area, beyond the reception area of the club. If he gets close to you, he’ll immediately recognize you, and you can use this to your advantage. When he chases after you, bring him over to the river, and then toss him to hide the body.

Agent Thames

You can find Agent Thames at the back entrance. They’re disguised as one of the club crew, so he’s going to have a face mask on him. You should be able to quickly take him out, given the location.

Agent Tremain

The final agent is easily the hardest to find. You can find Agent Tremain in a sniper nest overlooking the entire area. He’ll be at the top of the biker’s hideout building. So long as you have a biker’s outfit, you can reach him pretty easily.