How to unlock the Partied Out achievement/trophy in Berlin in Hitman 3

Agent 47 is a true party animal.

In Hitman 3’s Berlin level, Agent 47 needs to eliminate a group of ICA agents who are tracking him down. Taking them out will send a message to ICA to get off his back. In total, there are ten agents you can take out, with the minimum being five to kill. These guys are scattered throughout the map and will provide a variety of ways for you to exterminate them. You will need your usual skills of infiltrating hostile areas to pull this off and get an achievement called Partied Out.

This secret achievement has the description of “Tremain has a rifle accident, Thames is hit by a crane and Montgomery & Banner light up the club.” All three kills can be pulled off in the same run, which we will show, but you do not need to do it again if you have gotten one of these done before. Just skip over it and get the next assassination. Here is how to unlock the Partied Out achievement/trophy in Hitman 3.

Before we begin, we recommend playing through the level once. Upon completion, every time you come back, you will automatically see all targets on the field, making this much easier. We will be using the basic set up at the club’s entrance for this run, with only coins and fiber wire as our starting equipment.

Thames is hit by a crane

Once you get control of 47, run outside and behind the line of people up to the club. You will see the crane we need to use on Thames. This is a restricted area, so run to the far right corner and scale over the wall. If you want, you can try to get a disguise here, but do not raise suspicion. We need Thames to stay on his normal track.

Make your way past the people here by using the red beam on the left. Across the way, you will see a big container next to a wall with graffiti. You want to slip over there. There is a yellow trash can between the wall and container with a fuse cell in it that you need to grab.

With the fuse cell in hand, sneak over behind the crane and insert the fuse cell into the box. A light will come on from the crane, and Thames will investigate. As soon as the light comes on, climb the ladder. At the top, interact with the switch to drop the crane on Thames and pull off the first part of this achievement.

Tremain has a rifle accident

Now you need to sneak into the sniper nest part of the map. If you have unlocked the biker basement door shortcut, this is really easy to get to. Otherwise, you will need to sneak into the biker hangout and make your way to the second-floor level.

Up here are two guards and Tremaine. What you want to do is knock everybody out. If you wish, you can kill the guards, but do not kill Tremaine yet. Knock him out, then grab the rifle on the stand looking out the window. Aim at his head and pull the trigger to finish off this challenge. Before you leave, grab a biker disguise for the next part.

Montgomery & Banner light up the club

From the sniper nest, go back to the staircase with the shortcut to the biker basement. Go all the way to the bottom floor and walk past the two biker guards here. Directly to the right is a big black screen that says Club Holle. Walk behind the screen and grab the screwdriver next to the chest freezer. Be careful; this location is on Montgomery’s route, and if he gets too close, he will begin shooting at you.

To the right and down the hallway a bit of where you got the screwdriver are Banner, two tech workers, and a box you need to tamper with. To be safe, you will want to put a save spot here and then sabotage the box. You need Banner to stay where he is looking over the railing, and the tech workers will sometimes see you and get suspicious. If this happens, run and hide from them for a bit and wait for the ICA agent to go back to his railing.

Now you need to go to the bottom floor (Level -2) and find the DJ talking with the two tech workers. Close the door you came in through and get that DJ’s disguise. There are multiple ways to go about this — just do not let any of them escape and alert the security.

With the DJ disguise on, walk into the DJ booth, which is the door next to the group you just took out. Walk to the DJ in front and dismiss him to take over the concert. He will talk with 47 about running the equipment. Press Hype Up Light Show and wait for Montgomery to come over to the railing next to Banner. When he is there, press Overload Climax, and the bridge they are on will be electrocuted and catch on fire, finishing the challenge and popping the achievement/trophy.