All Items in Mario Party Superstars and How to Use Them

Give yourself a slight edge.

Screenshot by Gamepur

While playing Mario Party Superstars, you want to have as many weapons at your disposal as possible to prove you are the true superstar. That is where items come in. These trinkets can be obtained either in Item Shops or from Item Spaces and will give you a variety of boosts that may end up being the difference in you reaching the Star before an opponent. Here are all of the items in Mario Party Superstars and what they do.

Note that you can hold up to three items at a time in Mario Party Superstars. Before you roll the dice, just choose to use an item, and its effects will immediately take hold.

  • Boo Bell – calls a Boo to you so you can steal coins or a Star from another player
  • Chomp Call – calls a Chain Chomp to move the star
  • Cursed Dice Block – send to an enemy to make them have a dice that can only roll between one and three
  • Custom Dice Block – allows you to choose what you roll between one and ten
  • Double Dice – roll two dice blocks
  • Dueling Glove – begins a dueling minigame
  • Double Star Card – hold onto this card and you will receive two Stars instead of one the next time you see Toadette
  • Golden Pipe – instantly warp to the Star’s location
  • Hidden Block Card – makes a Hidden Block appear with either coins or a Star inside
  • Item Bag – fills up your item inventory with random items
  • Mushroom – adds five to whatever you roll on the dice
  • Plunder Chest – steals an item from an opponent
  • Skeleton Key – can only be used to open closed gates on Mario Party 2 and 3 boards
  • Super Warp Block – let’s you choose an opponent to swap spaces with
  • Triple Dice – roll three dice blocks
  • Warp Block – randomly swaps spaces with an opponent