All Kahoot Cheats: The Best Kahoot Tips and Tricks

Sharpen up your Kahoot game!

Image by Morten Versvik

If you’ve ever had a class in the modern day, whether it be in high school or college, you’ve likely played Kahoot. Kahoot is mostly a tool for fun, rarely for anything consequential like a real test or quiz. Teachers and leaders all over have learned to use this tool to make quizzing groups on material fun, whether it be for an upcoming group game or to make your times during class more interesting. Below we’ll explain some good tricks and tips to improve at Kahoot.

Tips and Tricks For Getting Better at Kahoot

Image by Morten Versvik

While we don’t condone cheating, there are ways to get better at the quick-draw style game that is Kahoot! Whether you’re doing so out of a vigorous competitive spirit or just for giggles, there are a few methods you can employ to up your Kahoot game:

Guess quick

When it comes down to it, Kahoot is all about being the first to the draw. Even if you’re right, those who clicked the answer before you get more points, so it’s best to think on your toes with each question. The longer you take, the more your point total diminishes. If you’re the last one to answer, you won’t get much farther than the person who guessed incorrectly.

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Have a Google tab open

If it’s just a Kahoot game for fun, why not have a Google tab open? If it’s not against the rules made by the one who made the game, then, of course you can put your quick draw skills to the test. Keep in mind that while you’re Googling, time is passing, so you should make quick work of whatever you’re doing so that you can answer.

Follow your instincts

Instincts are a wonderful thing, sometimes giving us just the intuition we need to make a half-considered guess that ends up being totally right. It’s a speedy game, so use your gut feeling to its fullest and go with your first inclination. Even if you’re wrong, being right that fast may lend you more points to compensate for previous misses.