All Kartana weaknesses and best Pokémon counters in Pokémon Go

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Kartana is one of the several Ultra Beasts you can encounter in Pokémon Go. It’s a powerful Pokémon that you will need to work alongside other players to defeat and add to your collection. Before facing off against Kartana, you want to create a team ideal for taking it down. This guide covers all Kartana weaknesses and the best Pokémon counters in Pokémon Go.

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How to beat Kartana in Pokémon Go

All Kartana weaknesses

Kartana is a Grass and Steel-type Pokémon. It will only have two weaknesses, Fighting and Fire-type moves, and it is resistant to Dragon, Electric, Fairy, Grass, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel, and Water-type attacks. While Kartana is only weak to Fighting and Fire-type attacks, it takes a lot of damage from Fire-type moves and doesn’t have the highest defense, so you want to be extremely careful when using it against other players or in Raids. However, when battling it, you can take advantage of this low defense stat and focus on Fire-type Pokémon.

The best Pokémon counters to Kartana in Pokémon Go

The best Pokémon to use against Kartana will be Darmanitan, Moltres, and Chandelure.

Darmanitan is a powerful Fire-type Pokémon. Like Kartana, it has far more attack power than defense. Therefore, you want to be careful when using it in this Raid battle, but it can seriously damage Kartana because it has access to multiple Fire-type moves. The best moveset to give Darmanitan is the fast move Fire Fang and the charged move Overheat and Focus Blast.

Next, we have Moltres, the legendary Fire and Flying-type Pokémon. Moltres may not have as much attack power as Darmanitan, but it makes up by having a significantly stronger defense stat. You keep this Pokémon in the fight against Kartana much longer, and it can use Fire and Flying-type attacks. Although Flying is not super effective to Kartana, it will do normal damage. The best moveset to teach Moltres is the fast move Fire Spin and the charged attacks Sky Attack and Overheat.

Our final Pokémon recommendation will be Chandelure, a Fire and Ghost-type Pokémon. We consistently recommend you use Chandelure whenever a reliable Fire-type Pokémon is needed in a raid, and battling against Kartana is no exception. Because it is a Ghost-type, Chandelure is resistant to Grass and Steel-type moves, which Kartana will use. The best moveset to teach Chandelure is the fast move Fire Spin and the charged attacks Shadow Ball and Overheat.

You must use a full team of six Pokémon to defeat Kartana. Here is some other recommendations you should follow to fill out the rest of your team.

  • Arcanine
  • Blaziken
  • Entei
  • Flareon
  • Heatran
  • Hisuian Arcanine
  • Ho-Oh
  • Incineroar
  • Infernape
  • Magmortar
  • Salazzle

After you defeat Kartana, you will have a chance to capture this Pokémon and add it to your collection. It will only appear in Northern Hemisphere, and you cannot catch a shiny version of it.