All known Apex Legends Mobile exclusive Legend skins

Look good on the go.

Apex Legends Mobile Exclusive Legend skins

Warning: This article includes leaks and data mined material.

Apex Legends Mobile is setting itself apart from its PC and Console predecessor with some flashy mobile-exclusive skins. These skins will most likely never be brought over to the main game and encourage players who might otherwise skip out on mobile to pick the game up. Special shout-out to Shrugtal and ApexMLeaks on Twitter for getting these images up so quickly, and note that anything resulting from data mining is subject to change.

All Apex Legend Mobile exclusive skins

So far, there have been four Mobile-exclusive skins found in the Apex Legends Mobile beta data. Three of the skins are for characters already playable in the beta, while the other is for a Legend that Respawn will probably add in the near foreseeable future. The complete breakdown of the skins is as follows: Data miners have found two upcoming skins for Caustic, one skin for Octane, and one skin for Mirage. Here is a closer look at every skin, currently unnamed.

Caustic Mobile Exclusive Skin 1

Mobile Caustic skin
Image via ApexMLeaks

Caustic Mobile Exclusive Skin 2

Mobile Caustic skin 2
Image via ApexMLeaks

Octane Mobile Exclusive Skin

Mobile Octane skin
Image via Shrugtal

Mirage Mobile Exclusive Skin

Mobile Mirage skin
Image via ApexMLeaks

According to ApexMLeaks, the Mirage skin will most likely be released in the store alongside Mirage’s Apex Legends Mobile debut, whenever that may be.