All Legend skins in the Genesis Collection Event for Apex Legends

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Genesis Collection Legend skins

Images via Respawn

The Genesis Collection Event is the first Collection Event for Season 9 of Apex Legends, and it is giving players some pretty amazing cosmetics to choose from. When it comes to Legend skins, there are 7 Legendary-tier skins, 2 Epic-tier skins and 1 Rare-tier skin. Or 10 new Legend skins in total, each for a different Legend, with no repeats. The two Epic Legend skins are for Pathfinder and Octane, and the Rare Legend skin is for Wattson. The rest of the Legends who got skins in the event got Legendary skins.

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Genesis Collection Legend Skins

All skins except for the Rare Wattson skin (which is from the Prize Tracker) are from the Genesis event collection itself. None of them are locked behind a premium store bundle like you see with lore events. The two event pack bundles that are in the store feature Loba and Crypto. Let’s take a look at all of the Legend skins that the Genesis Collection Event has to offer.

Decorated Line (Legendary Bangalore skin)

Decorated Line
Screenshot by Gamepur

Gentle Giant (Legendary Gibraltar skin)

Gentle Giant
Screenshot by Gamepur

Petty Theft (Legendary Loba skin)

Petty Theft
Screenshot by Gamepur

Inconspicuous (Legendary Crypto skin)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Synthetic Shinobi (Legendary Revenant skin)

Synthetic Shinobi
Screenshot by Gamepur

Galactic Guardian (Legendary Horizon skin)

Galactic Guardian
Screenshot by Gamepur

Omatsuri Fury (Legendary Valkyrie skin)

Omatsuri Fury
Screenshot by Gamepur

Best Friend (Epic Pathfinder skin)

Best Friend
Screenshot by Gamepur

Shuriken Showboat (Epic Octane skin)

Shuriken Showboat
Screenshot by Gamepur

Purple Crane (Rare Wattson skin)

Purple Crane
Screenshot by Gamepur