All weapon skins in the Genesis Collection Event for Apex Legends

Melt your enemies in style.

Genesis Collection weapon skins

Images via Respawn

There is no shortage of awesome weapon designs for Season 9 of Apex Legends’ first collection event. The Genesis Collection Event does have some nice Legend skins, but the weapon skins this time around is where the cosmetics really shine. There are 12 new weapons skins total, outnumbering the new Legend skins by a slim margin, and all of them are Epic, Legendary or Heirloom-tier.

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Genesis Collection Weapon Skins

The Genesis event collection contains nine of the new weapons skins within it. Five are Legendary skins, while four are Epic skins. Don’t let the Epic label fool you, though. Some of the Epic-tier skins are some of the best-looking in the entire collection. Many of the weapons can be matched with Legend skins from the event, like usual.

Military Grade (Legendary G7 Scout skin)

Military Grade
Screenshot by Gamepur

Cord Cutter (Legendary Flatline skin)

Cord Cutter
Screenshot by Gamepur

Beastial Instinct (Legendary Sentinel skin)

Beastial Instinct
Screenshot by Gamepur

Combined Powers (Legendary Alternator skin)

Combined Powers
Screenshot by Gamepur

Death Wrap (Legendary Triple Skin skin)

Death Wrap
Screenshot by Gamepur

Cuteness Overload (Epic Hemlok skin)

Cuteness Overload
Screenshot by Gamepur

Cosmic Starlight (Epic Havoc skin)

Cosmic Starlight
Screenshot by Gamepur

Gold Scale (Epic Volt skin)

Gold Scale
Screenshot by Gamepur

Dexterity (Epic Longbow skin)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Prize Tracker Weapon Skins

This event’s Prize Tracker has not one, but two Legendary weapon skins. They are both pretty impressive as well.

Kinetic Energy (Legendary EVA-8 Skin)

Kinetic Energy
Screenshot by Gamepur

Feudal Glory (Legendary Charge Rifle Skin)

Feudal Glory
Screenshot by Gamepur

Genesis Heirloom

The newest Heirloom melee weapon skin in the first Heirloom for a later-released Legend: Revenant. Unlock it by buying out the Genesis collection, or wait until the event is over and buy it from the Heirloom Store for 150 Heirloom Shards. This is the 10th Heirloom in the game.

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Dead Man’s Curve (Revenant Heirloom)

Dead Man's Curve
Screenshot by Gamepur