All locations for Pending Deliveries in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

It’s a long, tiring job for little payment.

Someone has to do the dirty work, and in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, it’s typically up to Eivor to get the job done right. When you unlock the merchant’s tent in your settlement, Ravensthorpe, you’ll be to purchase a variety of useful items, gear, and ammunition for your bows. If you go behind the merchant’s hunt, you’ll find a list of items that still need to be sent out to specific people. The respective items will be in front of the list, and you need to deliver each one.

Forewarning: if you place these items down for a certain period of time, they will disappear, and you’ll have to return to Ravensthorpe to start over. Do not put them down, and merely make your way straight to the delivery.

Finding the Pending Delivieres list

To start the quest, you need first to purchase the merchant tent in Ravensthorpe. After that, you then need to find the list behind it on a barrel. Read the list, and while a quest tracker won’t start, you’ll need to take each item to a particular location.

Not only will you not be able to use a quest tracker to find the recipients’ exact location, but you need to do it all on foot by carrying them. However, you can place them in your longship and ferry them around through the rivers to make it faster.

Stone slab delivery location

For the stone slab, you need to deliver it to a woman who owns a farm at the southeast of Lincolnscire’s southern bridge. While it gives the region name for the bridge, it actually means the Lincoln bridge, south of the city. Place the stone down in front of the woman to complete this task. This one is a long journey.

Jar of rosewater mead location

For the jar of rosewater mead, you will need to bring it to a hermit hut that you can find to the north of Sabrina’s Spring in Glowecestrescire, next to a mountain. You’ll want to take your longship for this one, or you’ll have a rough time making it across through England’s landscape. You can place the jar at the front of your ship, next to your command, and you sail it down to the river to the west. A lootable chest marks the hut’s exact location.

Crate of bowls location

The crate of bowls goes to a jewel marker, which is in Ledecestre. You can find them between the old Roman bathhouse and the church, which means they’ll be in the middle of the city. You need to the north of Ravensthorpe, and there’s a bridge you can use to make it across the Brant river. However, the exact location is not where it says it is. It’s mostly west of the church, of the primary fast travel point in town

Anvil location

The final item you need to deliver is an anvil, and you need to visit the blacksmith in Lunden. Their blacksmith show is supposedly near the city’s church, at the west gate. Like the jar of rosewater mead, you’ll want to take your ship to the destination. You can summon it in Ravensthorpe and take the path south. However, you want to make your way to the far west of Lunden and then go directly west of Saint Paul’s Cathedral. The blacksmith’s shop is along a canal running on the western part of the city.

When you return back to Ravensthorpe to report you’ve done the deliveries, the head of the market, Yanli will say you deserve something big for doing it. But only receive the 40 silver for having completed each one.