All locations in Hitman 3

Pack light and travel around the world.

Image via IO Interactive

Agent 47, the main protagonist in Hitman 3, travels the world to eliminate various targets provided to him by numerous clients. These locales vary from exotic beaches to high-class hotels to busy markets with hundreds of people bustling around him. Each of the maps in Hitman 3 are designed to give you an array of unique challenges to overcome to take out your chosen target, using any tool you can find available.

Here are all of the locations we know you’ll be visiting in Hitman 3. These are not all of the places, but we’ll be updating this guide as we learn about more. The base game features six primary places. However, players who import their 2016 Hitman and Hitman 2 games to Hitman 3 will also gain access to the older maps.


In Berlin, Agent 47 will be looking for a way into a secure facility with a nightclub and forest close by. Many believe this location might be on the smaller side, similar to the Colorado location from 2016’s Hitman, but no known details regarding size, name, or target, have been shared.


While Chongqing’s location has been revealed for Hitman 3, we don’t know the exact reason Agent 47 has accepted a contract here. However, from what we can tell from a video, he’ll be weaving through alleyways, moving through houses, and attempting to find his target in one of the smaller restaurants and establishments covered in bright, neon-colored signs. The darker aesthetic of the map feels fitting for a silent assassin to slip in unnoticed.


The classic murder mystery where, for the first time, Agent 47 has the opportunity to find out who murdered a particular person inside of a fancy mansion in England. One of the opportunities on this map will be that Agent 47 can impersonate a detective and work through the case to find out who the killer was while, at the same time, attempting to take out another target.


When you visit Dubai, you’ll be scoping out to try and find your target inside of the Sceptre, the largest building in the world. There’s a party happening inside the building to celebrate a new member’s inauguration, and the target is a member attending the party.


Take a step away from Dubai’s rigid business world and the full streets of Berlin and Chongqing to Mendoza, Argentina’s vacation sights. Agent 47 will find himself surrounded by the gorgeous sights of wine country in South America, a honeymooner’s dream visit, that always leaves the small wiggle room of a potential accident.

Carpathian Mountains

The Carpathian Mountains are a range of snowy mountains that stretch across Europe. But this location will primarily take place in Romania, where over 50% of the mountain range resides. We’re sure to see some creative methods that players will be able to utilize in the snow, and because it’ll be in Romania, we’re hoping for a Dracula reference. We could see the Vampire’s Magician disguise’s return, which appeared on The Showstopper mission in 2016’s Hitman.

All locations coming to Hitman 3 from 2016 Hitman and Hitman 2

These are the locations you’ll be bringing if you upload your information from the 2016 Hitman and Hitman 2 games, the ones that preceded Hitman 3.

  • ICA Training Facility – Greenland
  • Paris, France
  • Sapienza, Italy
  • Marrakesh, Morocoo
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Colorado, United States
  • Hokkaido, Japan
  • Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand
  • Miami, United States
  • Santa Fortuna, Colombia
  • Mumbai, India
  • Vermont, United States
  • Isle of Sgàil, North Atlantic
  • New York, United States
  • Haven Island, Maldives