All magic types in Forspoken and how to use them

Which spell tree do you prefer?

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Your only means of attack and defense in Forspoken is magic. As you progress through the game, you will unlock various types of magic to help make you more powerful. These magic types can be woven together during combat to demolish your enemies. Of course, each magic type is different and knowing how to use them is the key to success if you don’t want to end up dying on the battlefield. This guide will show you all the magic types and how to use them in Forspoken.

Purple magic (Frey’s magic)

The purple magic in the game is the one you start off with after entering the world of Athia and discovering your magical potential. This is the base magic type that Frey uses which uses the earth element. This magic type focuses on close and far-range attacks while also giving you access to a broad range of support spells for healing and defense.

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The base attack for this magic tree is called Shot. This allows you to shoot small lumps of rock at your foes from a short distance. There are three attack spells that branch from this ability:

  • Burst Shot – A close to medium-range spell that shoots out a larger lump of rock which expands shortly after casting and can hit multiple enemies.
  • Shield Shot – A close-range spell that can be charged to create a shield in front of Frey to block damage and then shot out in a shotgun blast-style attack.
  • Scatter Shot – A long-range attack that rapidly fires rocks as you charge the spell and fires a larger projectile after releasing it.

Along with attack spells, Frey’s magic tree offers a wide variety of support spells that can be used for defense, healing, and item discovery. Spells like Disperse create a plant ally that attacks enemies and Tendril lets you hit foes in an arc pattern with a vine to regain health. Frey’s magic tree is best utilized when you need a range of spells at your disposal for enemies of all types.

Red magic (Sila’s magic)

The red magic tree belongs to Sila and is the second spell tree that you will unlock in the game. This spell tree focuses on close-range and crowd-control spells with a slight mix of longer-range abilities if the need arises. In contrast to Frey’s magic which is earth-based, Sila’s magic is based on fire and allows you to bend the element into weapons to suit your combat needs.

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The base attack spell for Sila’s spell tree is called Slice. This spell allows you to summon a short sword that you can use to attack your opponents up close and personal. There are three different spells that branch off from the Slice spell:

  • Arc Slice – A close-range attack that summons a larger blade that can be charged. Upon releasing the spell, Frey spins in a 180-degree arc, hitting any enemy that is close to her.
  • Rage Slice – A close-range attack that unleashes a flurry of fiery punches. Holding the spell increases the damage and rate at which Frey attacks. Releasing the spell unleashes a fire blast.
  • Blast Slice – A long-range attack that summons a spear that can be thrown at an enemy. The spear explodes after a short while, damaging the enemy and those who are nearby.

Along with the attack spells, Sila’s spell tree features multiple support spells that are based on crowd control. Spells like Crucible allow you to summon a fiery ring that damages foes that cross through it while spells like Charge help you to bridge gaps and get into your enemy’s face. Sila’s spell tree is best utilized in situations with large groups of enemies to help control the battlefield and damage multiple foes at once.

Blue magic (Prav’s magic)

The blue magic tree belongs to Prav and is the third type of magic that you will get in the game. This spell tree focuses on controlling the battlefield through the use of long-range attacks and support spells that push foes around and cause status effects. Prav’s spell tree allows you to control the water element and use it to your advantage, creating maelstroms and tidal waves.

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The base attack spell for Prav’s spell tree is called Bolt. This spell allows you to shoot out balls of water that hang around Frey. When you fire a charged shot, the balls of water are expended to deal additional damage. There are three different spells that branch off from the Bolt spell:

  • Fan Bolt – A long-range spell that first water bolts in a horizontal spread to hit multiple enemies in an area. Charging the spell creates more bolts.
  • Chain Bolt – A long-range spell that fires an arrow of water upon charging and another when the spell is released. If both water arrows hit the same enemy, bonus damage is dealt.
  • Cluster Bolt – A long-range spell that fires an arrow of water that breaks up in midair, raining down bolts over a wide area.

Along with these attack spells, Prav’s spell tree gives you access to support spells that help you push enemies away to create openings to use spells and protection from enemy attacks. Spells like Brume allow you to create fog which hides Frey from enemy view while spells like Maelstrom create towers of water that damage foes and protect you from ranged attacks. Prav’s spell tree is best utilized against flying enemies and to create openings on the battlefield.

Green magic (Olas’s magic)

The green spell tree belongs to Olas and is the final spell tree you will gain access to in Forspoken. This spell tree focuses on wide AOE attacks and stunning enemies, and allows you to control lightning and illusions which allow you to shock foes and create decoys.

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The base attack spell for Olas’s spell tree is called Dart. This spell allows you to shoot out projectiles of magical light in a medium range. You can use this spell to mark enemies for charged attacks, making them easier to hit. There are three different spells that branch off from the Dart spell:

  • Storm Dart – A AOE-style attack that shoots out electrical energy in the immediate area surrounding Frey. When released, this spell emits a shockwave that will hit any darts that are embedded in enemies.
  • Seeker Dart – A close to medium-range spell that seeks out any darts embedded in enemies. This takes the form of lightning strikes from the sky.
  • Pulse Dart – A medium-range spell that sends out beams of light that target darts embedded in enemies. These beams shoot through enemies and can damage multiple foes.

Along with these attack spells, Olas’s tree uses support spells that cause wide AOEs which can hit multiple enemies at one time. Spells like Aggression allow you to send out darts to make additional foes for charged attacks while spells like Compulsion create mines that can be triggered by enemies and cause massive area damage. Olas’s spell tree is best utilized against large groups of ranged foes or enemies that are quick on their feet. Marking targets with support and attack spells makes hitting enemies easier without the need for locking on to them.