All masks in the Holo-ween event Mask Shop in Knockout City

Mask up.

Holo-ween Masks

Images via Velan Studios

Pretty? Silly? Down-right scary? Whatever your Halloween style is, the Holo-ween event in Knockout City has got you, and by extension, your brawler, covered. For the duration of the event, players will have access to an event shop called the Mask Shop. In the shop, you can buy event poses, crew getup, and player icons. There are also Energy Drinks, Style Chips, and Holobux for those not interested in the event items. That said, the main focus of the shop is the masks. Let’s take a look.

Mask Shop Masks

There are a total of nine masks available in the Holo-ween Mask shop. Each mask counts as a face, not as glasses. There are three Legendary masks that cost 135 event tickets each, and six Epic masks that cost 100 event tickets each. In order to get tickets, you must complete limited-time event challenges for the Holo-ween event. Many of these challenges are related to the limited-time game mode made especially for the event, Candy Wars.

Punk Unicorn (Legendary Face)

Punk Unicorn
Screenshot by Gamepur

Greaser Ghoul (Legendary Face)

Greaser Ghoul
Screenshot by Gamepur

Isaac Clarke: Helmet (Legendary Face)

Isaac Clarke Helmet
Screenshot by Gamepur

Possessed Porcelain (Epic Face)

Possessed Porcelain
Screenshot by Gamepur

Scarey Skull (Epic Face)

Scarey Skull
Screenshot by Gamepur

Mashed Up Monster (Epic Face)

Mashed Up Monster
Screenshot by Gamepur

Eerie Elegance (Epic Face)

Eerie Elegance
Screenshot by Gamepur

Otherworldly Oni (Epic Face)

Otherworldly Oni
Screenshot by Gamepur

Plague Pestilence (Epic Face)

Plague Pestilence
Screenshot by Gamepur