All Mass Effect Legendary Edition classes, which should you pick?

Pick your class.

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When you embark on the first step of your journey into the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, you will have to pick one of six classes to play through the game. Each of these classes carries over to Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3. You can swap your class in between these games, but not during a playthrough, so when you’ve selected a class at the start of a game, you’re stuck with it until you create a new Shepard.

Here’s a breakdown of all the classes you can choose to play.

All Mass Effect Legendary Edition classes

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The soldier is the bluntest of all six classes. It primarily focuses on using all of the weapons available, has increased health, wears some of the best armor in the first Mass Effect game, and doesn’t have too many abilities. If you prefer to primarily use your weapons rather than using any biotic powers or abilities, the soldier is a good fit.


The engineer is the tech specialist of the three classes. They don’t have access to as many weapons as the other classes do. Still, they have various useful abilities designed to disrupt and cause chaos against enemies during combat. They’re also one of the best classes to crack security consoles, unlock datapads, and heal the squad. They’re an excellent support class for a player who prefers to use abilities.


The adept is on the same spectrum as the engineer, except they use their biotic powers than technical abilities. You’ll be able to lift, throw, disrupt shields, and have access to a variety of powers that you can use to cause chaos in a fight. Much like engineers, they have some of the weakest armor in the game, and they can only specialize in pistols.


The infiltrator is a mixture class that feels like a blend of engineer and soldier. They can wear medium armor, but they can only specialize in pistols and sniper rifles. They have a variety of technical abilities, and they’re experts at long range combat. When cornered, they do have access to their pistols and abilities, but they’re slightly vulnerable.


The sentinel has a blend of abilities from the engineer and adept classes. They heavily rely on all of these combat abilities and can do the most damage as a supportive character. You’ll want to remain in the back while your allies use their weapons, and you can use weapons, but this class receives no specialized combat training.


The vanguard is the biotic warrior of the six classes. You’ll be using your biotic abilities to charge the enemy, meeting them in combat with a shotgun in hand. For those who prefer close quarters combat and aggressive tactics, you’ll feel right at home with the vanguard. You’ll struggle at medium to long distance fights, but if you cleverly use your abilities to close the distance, it won’t ever be a problem.