All Mawrat mounts in World of Warcraft Patch 9.2 and how to obtain them

Ride into battle on a giant…rat…dog?

Anyone who has ever ventured into the Maw or Torghast during World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands expansion is likely very familiar with the tiny creatures known as Mawrats. They appear in abundance inside Torghast, often keeping players in combat and fleeing at low health. In the Eternity’s End update, Blizzard has added five giant rideable Mawrat mounts for players to collect. Here is a complete rundown of each one and how to obtain it.

Colossal Ebonclaw Mawrat

The first mount is called the Colossal Ebonclaw Mawrat and is available by completing the Layer 4 difficulty of the new Jailer’s Gauntlet wing in Torghast. This new mode was also added in Eternity’s End, and is simply a boss rush mode where players kill wave after wave of enemies and bosses for a total of 8 floors. Characters receive multiple Anima powers and Phantasma per floor, becoming increasingly overpowered by the end of the run. Geared characters who have strong Anima powers inside Torghast can earn this mount pretty easily at the moment. The bosses do start to hit relatively hard by layer 4 as this content is balanced with the new patch’s gear levels in mind, but many players have already been able to earn this mount since the patch released.

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Colossal Umbrahide Mawrat

The Colossal Umbrahide Mawrat is also available inside Torghast, but is obtained in a much different way. Players who wish to earn this mount simply have to complete any wing of Torghast on Layers 13 or higher. It is a potential drop from either the floor 5 final boss of each run, or the floor 7 Adamant Vault extra boss from achieving a flawless run. With a little luck and patience, players who enjoy Torghast will eventually add this mount to their collection.

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Colossal Soulshredder Mawrat

The Colossal Soulshredder Mawrat will likely take players a bit of time to get as it requires getting a flawless run (score above 200) in each wing of Torghast on Layer 16. There are multiple reasons why this could take some time. Two wings are available each week and rotate randomly, meaning it might be awhile before a specific wing is available to complete. Secondly, Layer 16 will likely be extremely difficult until players are fully geared in the max item level equipment from the latest patch, a goal that will take many weeks to achieve after the start of Season 3.

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Colossal Plaguespew Mawrat

The Colossal Plaguespew Mawrat is one of two Mawrat mounts available in the open world zone Zereth Mortis introduced in Eternity’s End. This particular mount is a random drop from a rare in the zone. Here’s the catch about this rare spawn. The mount has a chance to be looted from Rhuv, Gorger of Ruin, who is an undead dragon ridden by the actual rare spawn Iska, Outrider of Ruin. Players must defeat Rhuv first to be able to engage Iska, and this mount is the only item on the loot table from Rhuv, meaning if the corpse is shimmering with loot you know the mount will be on its body. The other catch is that this has a spawn rate of a few hours, and shares its spawn with 2 other rares at the same spot, meaning it might take some patience, and also some luck, before finally obtaining it. Players who want to obtain it faster can actually use the group finder to search for the rare on multiple characters a day.

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Colossal Wraithbound Mawrat

The final Mawrat mount is called the Colossal Wraithbound Mawrat, and it is another random chance mount available in Zerith Mortis. In the northern sections of the zone there is a giant desert where Mawsworn enemies appear in mass. In certain spots around this area, a treasure chest called the Mawsworn Supply Chest can spawn. Players can loot this chest whenever they find one, with no limit to how many they can loot on one character in a day. It might take some time, but eventually they might just find this mount waiting inside for them to ride.

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