All Memory collectibles in chapter two, Lanterns in Life is Strange: True Colors

Even during sad times you can find a collectible or two.

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The events of Life is Strange: True Colors will tear at your heart as you empathize with the people of Haven Springs and the game’s protagonist, Alex. As you advance through the game’s story, you will also want to pay attention to any collectibles around the world called Memories. These memory collectibles take the form of objects that you use your powers on to get a quick look at a past event that has to do with the thing. Here are all five memory locations in chapter two, Lanterns in Life is Strange: True Colors.

All five of these memories can be found in the scene called Tracking Down Mac in the chapter select if you missed any on your first playthrough. If you are on your first playthrough, this is after you help Steph in your apartment and then go outside of the bar.


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The first memory is found on the roof of the bar. While in your apartment, go to the stairs going up to go there. When staring at the door, go to the right to find a flower bed. The button is within the flowers near the end of it.

Rent Check

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When you go down to the bar and talk to Jed, you will have the opportunity to go outside. Before you do that, go behind the counter and on the left side is this memory.


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Again found in the bar, but at the back next to the exit door.


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To find the gummies, go to the backroom of Charlotte’s dispensary sitting on a shelf behind the weed counter.


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After you help Eleanor with her memory in the flower shop, you can find this item in the bottom of the cabinet next to the little gnomes.