All Memory Vault locations in Loboto’s Labyrinth in Psychonauts 2

The deepest memories are locked away.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Memory Vaults in Psychonauts 2 are a collectible you will find in each of the mind levels of the game. When you come across them, attack them to have them open up and reveal a little bit about that character’s backstory and some key moments in their past that have led them to where they are now. In Loboto’s Labyrinth, there are two of these vaults to bust open. Here is where to find the Memory Vaults in Loboto’s Labyrinth in Psychonauts 2.

The first Loboto’s Labyrinth Memory Vault is located in Central Office. To the left of the giant Loboto painting are some shelves with boxes on them. Punch your way through the boxes to find a hidden room with a dentist’s chair and a Memory Vault for you to break open.

The second Memory Vault cannot be obtained on your first playthrough of the level. Instead, come back to the mission later by using the Brain Tumbler in Sasha’s Lab or Green Needle Gulch. When you return, fast travel to Asylum. Directly to the right is a path of stray thoughts that you can use Mind Connection on. The Vault is on the other side with one of the Emotional Baggage collectibles.

Screenshot by Gamepur