All Mendoza shortcuts in Hitman 3

Get there faster.

One of the newest features that IO Interactive has added to Hitman 3 are shortcuts: golden vents, doors, or ladders that, once opened, will open up a permanent pathway that will allow for faster map traversal that will stay open for every play-through.

Each map has its batch of shortcuts that you can use, and this article is here to give you the locations for the shortcuts on the map, Mendoza. There are a total of three shortcuts for you to unlock on this map, and we know exactly where you need to go to find them.

Maintenance Door shortcut

The first shortcut is accessed by going into the parking area of the map. Head down the ramp into the parking lot and head left, vaulting over the barriers and sneaking through the cars. You will see an open window that you can climb through.

Climb in the window and head through the door immediately in front of you. Follow the hallway and go up the small staircase, then hang an immediate right. Move under the catwalks and jump over the small wall in front of you and hide in the blue/purple flowers.

Make your way through this field, making sure to stay out of sight from the many security guards in the area. Make your way up towards the Villa and head to the left side to find a gate. If you move to the left of the gate, you will find a cliff and holds for you to grab. Make your way under the sight of the two guards hanging out above you. Climb up and quickly take these two guards out. Take one of their uniforms and then hide/get rid of the bodies.

With your new disguise, head up the path and into the Villa. Head upstairs, and you will find a key on the desk directly in front of you. Take it and head back downstairs. You will find a door underneath the stairs you just took down, which you can unlock with the key to get into the basement.

You will come across a big room with a huge table. Head past it, and you will find a door behind it and to the left. Head through, and you will find the Maintenance Door in the next room.

Image captured in-game.

Cellar Door shortcut

The second shortcut is also in the basement of the Villa. Turn around and head back into the room with the table. Head to the right, and you will find the Cellar Door.

Image captured in-game.

Backdoor shortcut

The third and final shortcut on Mendoza will require you to use the Cellar Door shortcut to exit the Villa. Once you take the steps outside, go through the small arch to your left and start going down the path. You will see a broken fence section that you can climb down. When you’ve climbed down, turn around, and look to your right. You will see another broken fence section. Climb down this section and the small ledges that follow.

Turn around and head up the path to your right until your reach the Backdoor, which is in a small, stone wall.

Image captured in-game.