All Mendoza Undiscovered Areas in Hitman 3

Exploring the countryside.

The penultimate mission in Hitman 3 sees Agent 47 sneaking into a suave party at a prestigious villa. With plenty of guests and tons of paths, there are plenty of things to uncover, including 45 Undiscovered Areas.

If you’re looking to find all 45 of these areas and unlock the Master the Terroir achievement/trophy in the process, then we have you covered.

Level 4

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Security Checkpoint

After starting the mission, turn around and head up the road. You will reach a small room of security guards on your right. Pop in to unlock and get out before they get angry at you.

Viewing Platform

Head back down the road and on your right, you will eventually see the Viewing Platform. It is your first objective of the mission so the game will lead you right to it.

Level 2

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Parking Lot

Head down the road from the Viewing Platform and you will come to the Parking Lot.

Parking Area and Tunnel

Take a left, climb over the barricade, and sneak your way over to the security booth to find the Parking Area and Tunnel.

Security Tunnel

Climb through the open window into the security office and go through the door straight ahead of you. This will take you to the Security Tunnel.

Level 3

From here on out, you are going to want a disguise for each area. We recommend the security guards.

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Follow the Security Tunnel and out the door, leading you right to the Silo.

Lower Gardens

From the door you came in, take a right, and climb over the short barrier there into the field of flowers. This is the Lower Gardens area.

Level 2

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Sneak your way down the slope to your left. You will see the Boatdock down in front of you. Just reach it to unlock it.

Level 3

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Higher Gardens

Turn around, work your way back up the slope, and towards the Villa. You will find a raised section of the garden, which once you climb up to, will unlock the Higher Gardens.

Level 4

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Villa Living Room

Head to the left of the Villa and you will find a gate. Go down to the left of the gate and you can climb out onto some ledges, past a couple of guards talking by the ledge. Climb up, take them both out, and toss the bodies over the side. Might as well take their disguises as well.

Follow the path to your left, up to the main stairs to the Villa. Go up these and through the open window to find the Villa Living Room.

Villa Foyer

Go through the door on your left and into the Villa Foyer.

Villa Guest Room

Continue going straight ahead of you and you will find the Villa Guest Room.

Villa Front Yard

Leave the Villa Guest Room through the same door and head out the door on your left to find the Villa Front Yard.

Villa Back Yard

Head back through the foyer and out the other side of the room to find the Villa Back Yard.

Level 5

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Villa Office

Going back into the foyer, head up the stairs there to get to the Villa Office.

Villa Back Balcony

Go out the door on your right to find the Villa Back Balcony.

Villa Bedroom

Head back inside and around the corner, to the left, and you’ll find the Villa Bedroom.

Villa Front Balcony

In the bedroom, you will see the door out to the Villa Front Balcony.

Villa Roof

On your right, you can climb over the railing and on to the Villa Roof.

Villa Bathroom

Going back into the bedroom, go around the bed and through the door there to unlock the Villa Bathroom.

Level 6

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Villa Attic

In the bathroom, you’ll see a string that you can pull down. Doing so opens a ladder for you to climb up into the Villa Attic.

Level 3

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Villa Basment

Climb down out of the attic and grab the key on the desk in the Villa Office. Head down the stairs and look for the door underneath the staircase in the foyer. Unlock the door with the key you grabbed and go down the stairs, into the Villa Basement.


Head across the basement, past the long table, and through the door on the other side. Open up the Maintenance Door shortcut and keep following the path until you reach the Asado area.

Level 2

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Dance Floor

Take a right from the tunnel and go straight until you find the stairs going down. Take these and you will find the Dance Floor.


Continue straight ahead of you and head inside to the Reception area.

Fermentation Atrium

Go straight through the Reception area and reach the Fermentation Atrium.

Tasting Room

Go back out of the Fermentation Room and take a left, following the hall until you find the door into the Tasting Room.


Head back to the Reception area and on the top part of the room, you will find a small hallway leading to the Bathroom.

Security Room

In the Bathroom, there will likely be a couple of guards doing their business. Take one or all of them out and grab their disguise. Also grab the keycard they are carrying to use on the door with a keypad in the room. Go straight and then take a left to find the Security Room.

Secret Tunnel

Go down the hallway on the other side of the room and follow this until you unlock the Secret Tunnel.


Keep following the tunnel until you find the Armory on your left.


Follow the tunnel all the way out back outside, which is where you will unlock the Backside.

Level 1

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Barrel Room

Go back into the tunnel and keep going until you see some stairs leading down on your left. Take these down into the Barrel Room.

Tech Room

Go to your right and you will find the Tech Room.

Wine Fridge

Back in the Barrel Room, find an opening to drop down from the wooden walkways and head to the other side of the room from the Tech Room. You will find a vent that you can open and crawl through, leading you to the Wine Fridge.

Level 0

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Production Room

Go back to the Tech Room and find the pathway, leading down, on the left. This path will take out down to the Production Room.

Staff Restroom

Taking a right from the door, you will eventually find the Staff Restroom on your right.

Staff Locker Room

You can find the Staff Locker Room right next to the Staff Restroom.

Fermentation Room

Go across from this corner of the Production Room to find the Fermentation Room.


Take a right in the Fermentation Room and head into the Cinema.

Chardonnay Fields

Head through the Cinema and out the door on the right-side, and head straight to find yourself in the Chardonnay Fields.

Grape Shed

Work your way through the Chardonnay Fields towards the building in the middle of the fields to find the Grape Shed.

Grapefield Roads

From the Grape Shed, head right and you will unlock the Grapefield Roads.

Malbec Field

Head up and to the left to unlock the Malbec Fields area.

Level 2

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Grapefield Cliff

There is a path out of Malbec Fields. Take it and instead of taking the path up to the starting area of the mission, continue going straight and winding your way back down to the fields. You will eventually unlock the Grapefield Cliff.