All Minecraft Championship (MCC) 30 Teams and Players

Who are you supporting for the MCC 30 competition?

Image via Noxcrew

The next round of the Minecraft Championship (MCC) competition is set to kick off on April 1. There is a new round of teams and players participating in this competition, and they’ll be live streaming the entire event for fans to enjoy. For those eager to support their favorite teams and players, you’ll want to know who’s going to appear. This guide covers all MCC 30 teams and players who are going to appear in the event.

Every MCC 30 Team and their players, listed

There are going to be 10 teams competing in the various mini-games, and four players for each time. You’ll have the chance to watch them on their respective channels, or you can visit the MCC Twitch channel to watch the competition as it takes place. The MCC 30 is set to occur on April 1 at 8 PM BST.

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You can choose to directly follow the competitors on their Twitter channel to make sure you catch all of the action when their stream is online or make sure to tune in when the MCC 30 starts in your time zone. You can follow the MC Championship Twitter channel to learn more about the upcoming games or speak with other fans before everything goes live.

Aqua Axolotls

Blue Bats

Cyan Coyotes

Green Geckos

Lima Llamas

Orange Ocelots

Pink Parrots

Purple Pandas

Red Rabbits

Yellow Yaks