All Mokoko Seed locations in Loghill in Lost Ark

Search around for these valuable seeds.

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There are Mokoko Seeds hidden in each region of Lost Ark. You’ll want to collect these seeds to obtain Mokoko Seed points, unlocking addition rewards as you progress through the game and learn about new regions. While you can readily find these seeds in plain sight, a handful of them are hidden behind mechanics you’ll have to unlock by triggering a specific event or collecting a particular item. This guide will cover how to collect all Mokoko Seeds and their locations in Loghill in Lost Ark.

All Mokoko Seed locations in Loghill

These are all nine Mokoko Seed locations you can find while exploring Loghill. While about five of them are pretty straightforward, four Seed locations are a bit more complicated.

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The notably tricky Mokoko Seeds are Archbishop Statue Ruins and the Fogwoods Crypt. There are two seeds in the Archbishop Statue Ruins, where you’ll need to defeat all of the Stone Constructs around that location. After you’ve beaten the last one, an icon will appear where you can jump behind a wall. If you do not defeat these Stone Constructs, you’ll have no way to get behind there. You should find two Mokoko Seeds before jumping back to the other side.

The final two Mokoko Seeds in Fogwoods Crypt are pretty tricky. The only way to get past that is to use the Forest Minuet Song. You can unlock this song after you’ve worked your way through the story and made your way to Lullaby Island. With the song added to your character, return to Loghill to play it and reach this area.