All Mokoko seed locations on Illusion Bamboo Island in Lost Ark

Players willing to go the extra nautical mile can find one last Mokoko Seed on a faraway island.

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In the seas off the coast of the southwestern Arkesian continent of Yorn, Illusion Bamboo Island hides away a few minor pieces of content in particularly treacherous waters. Requiring that players reach total item level 1100 before exploring, players will only approach the island very late in their Lost Ark adventures.

The main focal point of Illusion Bamboo Island is the sole, lonely NPC that it shelters, Zinnervale. Zinnervale’s questline occurs during the adventurer’s travels in Yorn, and maximizing his rapport is the only way for players to earn Illusion Bamboo Island’s unique soul. The only other notable content featured on the island — and by extension, the purpose of this guide — is a single, equally lonely Mokoko Seed hiding away from completionist collectors.

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Seed 1: One is the loneliest number

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Walking east of Zinnervale’s islet, players are apt to stumble across a stone archway, adorned in tangling vines. While this archway is inaccessible to most players, those who have learned the Forest’s Minuet can play the song to peel back some of the vines, revealing a small clearing behind the stone. Nestled within this clearing, to the left of the archway and behind a rocky outcrop, is the only Mokoko Seed of Illusion Bamboo Island.

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