All Harmony Island Mokoko Seed locations in Lost Ark

A secret island deserves some secret collectables.

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In a small nook to the east of Rohendel lies the small and unassuming Harmony Island. This small island features a series of spur-of-the-moment cooperative quests for explorative Lost Ark players bearing the region’s required total item level of 460.

The most completionist of Arkesia’s adventurers will quickly look beyond Harmony Island’s questing content in search of its three hidden Mokoko Seeds. However, they should be aware that obtaining these particular seeds requires quest progression on Lullaby Island before sailing to the westernmost portion of Arkesia’s map.

Players planning to search Harmony Island for its Mokoko seeds should be aware that the location likely won’t exist most days. Harmony Island is one of several islands that are included in Lost Ark’s Adventure Island activity. According to Procyon’s Compass, the island will only be accessible on days where it is scheduled as one of three islands to appear after 11 PM ET.

Seed 1: A Makoko with a view

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The northernmost portion of the island tapers into a circular series of rocky cliffs. The northeast portion of this circle hides a Mokoko Seed in a flowery meadow, nestled between a small pond and a rocky outcrop.

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Seeds 2 and 3: A song’s secret

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The northwest of Harmony Island’s map reveals a small, peninsula-shaped clearing hidden behind a forested treeline. While unaware and unequipped players wouldn’t have access to this section of the island, seasoned Mokoko Seed hunters who have learned the Forest’s Minuet can play the song to reveal a secret passage to the clearing’s northeast, revealing a pair of seeds at the far end.

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