All multiplayer games available via Discord Nitro

Who knew Discord could be so much fun?

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Image via Discord

Discord, the ever-popular social messaging platform, has announced many new inclusions to its constantly improving interface. In addition to the group viewing aspect, it has also integrated into its system a feature called Watch Together. Discord has also introduced a variety of entertaining multiplayer mini-games in its Activities feature, which several people can enjoy.

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Multiplayer games in Discord Nitro

Discord has added a handful of vibrant and easy-to-digest games to its growing list of in-app features. Much like the YouTube watch party feature it launched, these mini-games can be similarly accessed through the Activities panel when inside a server’s voice channel. The list of all multiplayer games available via Discord Nitro includes platform staples such as Chess and Checkers, but there are also other unique entries like Bash Out and Know What I Meme.

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There are currently a total of 14 playable mini-games in Discord’s title listings which consist of the following:

  • Ask Away – a maximum of 10 participants may join in this entry. Personal questions are asked about a specific person, and all other participants compete to get the right answer.
  • Bash Out – a vibrant miniature car game wherein players attempt to bump each other out of the arena.
  • Know What I Meme – similar to how Cards Against Humanity works, players are given a choice between two templates, and all participants must fill out the chosen template as funnily as they can.
  • Putt Party – a miniature golf game that crams groups into the same course, each with different obstacles.
  • Poker Night – a classic game of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker but without the money, of course.
  • Bobble League – think Mario Strikers: Battle League, but you control bobblehead figures instead.
  • Sketch Heads – a specific word is provided, and the group has to draw it as best as they can.
  • Chess In The Park – competitive 1-on-1 chess matches that has no limit to the number of participants.
  • Land-io – players compete with each other by controlling larger areas of the board than their competitors.
  • Blazing 8s – a card game with rules much like Uno.
  • Spellcast – a word game wherein each participant takes turn stringing together words from the letters provided.
  • Letter League – a competitive, Scrabble-like game that takes up to 8 participants.
  • Checkers In The Park – competitive 1-on-1 checkers matches that allow you to compete with different players.
  • Word Snacks – a specific group of letters are provided, and participants must create as many words as they can using those letters.