How to watch YouTube videos with friends on Discord

A YouTube watch party no matter where your friends are.

Image via Discord

Have you ever stumbled across a YouTube video you immediately wanted to watch and share with friends? Thanks to a new feature that Discord added to its app, it will now be possible to do so. However, since it’s a relatively new aspect of the platform, accessing this new element is still unclear to most users. But with the use of our guide, you’ll be able to share that clip you’ve been playing and watch it as a group in no time.

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How to stream YouTube on Discord

Discord’s innovative new YouTube watch party feature, Watch Together, is straightforward to access. You’ll be able to use it by just hopping into any voice channel in any server and clicking the Rocket icon on the lower left side, which is the Start an Activity button.

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Next, a pop-up window will appear, and you’ll have to click on the panel that says Watch Together.

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Afterward, a message will appear showing YouTube’s privacy policy and terms of service. You’ll have to click on those links if you want to read the entire document. Otherwise, hit Continue, and you’ll almost be able to watch that video you’ve been itching to share.

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Lastly, a final message will appear asking you to authorize the external application, Watch Together, to access your Discord account. Once you click Authorize, you’ll then be able to watch any YouTube videos you want with your group, no matter where they are.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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This feature is currently available on the Discord Games Lab server, which is conveniently accessible to everyone. However, Watch Together can also be accessed on different servers as long as you have permission to use the Activities feature.

In addition to the integration of YouTube to its app, games have also been added to the Activities feature in Discord though the only title that’s being made free is Putt Party. On the other hand, Discord Nitro subscribers will be able to access the entire catalog of mini-games, and they will also be able to invite non-subscribers to join in the fun.