All Mutations and what they do in Rainbow Six Extraction

Mutated Archaeans walk among us.

Image via Ubisoft

Mutations are one of the many mechanics you will need to work around in Rainbow Six Extraction. This mechanic alters the gameplay and makes the Archaeans more difficult. You will only need to deal with Mutations on higher difficulty levels, but they will put you to the test. Here are all the Mutations in Rainbow Six Extraction and what they do.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Sprawl Overflow

Sprawl is a minor nuisance that you will need to deal with on any difficulty setting. It spreads across the map like a plague and slows you down if you happen to walk through it. The Sprawl Overflow Mutation makes it so that the Archaeans leave trails of Sprawl wherever they walk. This means you will be moving much slower in the area unless you figure out a way to deal with all the Sprawl.

Spontaneous Sludge

Sludge isn’t fun to deal with. It inflicts damage if you step on it and it can be a real bother when combating the Archaeans. This Mutation makes it so the Archaeans have a chance to spawn sludge in an area whenever they are killed. Don’t think takedowns will prevent this either.

Cloaked Archaeans

Lurkers are one of the more annoying enemies that appear in Rainbow Six Extraction. They can turn invisible and also turn their allies invisible. The Cloaked Archaeans Mutation makes it so some of the enemies are just naturally invisible. No need for Lurkers anymore.

Armored Nests

What is more fun than dealing with a bunch of Archaean nests? How about nests that are covered in a thick carapace that prevent them from being destroyed? This Mutation means that you can no longer easily take down nests and instead need to work to get them destroyed. It is best to avoid the nests when this Mutation is active.

Caustic Sprawl

If you don’t like Sprawl, you will hate this Mutation. The Caustic Sprawl Mutation changes the properties of the black tar-like substance and makes it acidic. This means that whenever you walk through it, it will damage you. While the damage is slight, it can really build up if you have to walk through large areas of Sprawl.

Blinding Spore Carriers

Blinding Spores are those small yellow bulbs that you can find sprinkled throughout the maps. They attach to you when you walk near them and explode, blinding you for a short while in the process. The Blinding Spore Carriers Mutation means that some of the Archaeans have grown Blinding Spores on them. When you kill an enemy with the Blinding Spores, the spores will attach to you and blind you like normal.

Chimera Fog

Perhaps one of the easiest Mutations to live with, Chimera Fog covers the map in a thick fog that reduces your visibility. Of course, this limits your ability to see the enemies and makes it harder to find the objectives as well. REACT gear can help combat the lack of sight.