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All new Augments in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 7.5

Watch out for Lagoon players looking to drown you out.

In Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 7.5 Uncharted Realms, there are a few change-ups to how players will have to approach the game. For example, Augments have been a huge part of TFT since Set 6, and as the game switches things up, these tools get switched up too. From extra dragon options to some frightening mana-vamping, set yourself up for success by learning more about what Augments Set 7.5 has to offer.

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What Emblem Augments were added in TFT Set 7.5?


  • Darkflight Heart: You get an Aphelios and your team counts as having one more Darkflight unit.
  • Darkflight Crest: Gain a Darkflight Emblem and a Rell.
  • Darkflight Crown: You get a Darkflight Emblem, a Giant Slayer, and a Rengar.


  • Dragon Soul: You count as having one additional Dragon as getting a Zippy, too.


  • Lagoon Heart: You get a Kai’Sa and your team counts as having one more Lagoon unit.
  • Lagoon Crest: Gain a Lagoon Emblem and a Zac.
  • Lagoon Crown: You get a Lagoon Emblem, a Spear of Shojin, and a Zeri.


  • Ragewing Soul: Gain a Guinsoo’s Rageblade and a Rakan. Your team also counts as having one more Ragewing.

What Trait-Focused Augments were added in TFT set 7.5?


  • Part-Time Assassins: The bonuses of the Assassin trait are given to all units that start in the back 2 rows of your board. It does not increase the number of Assassins that count towards the trait. Gain a Qiyana.


  • Protector of the Cosmos: Your team gains a 30 Health shield for every item component equipped on your Astral champions. This includes item components that are part of a full item. You also get a Lux.


  • Dragon Imperialist: If you only have one Dragon, that Dragon executes enemies below 25% health. Gain a Nomsy.
  • Age of Dragons: If your board is only Dragons, every 5th attack from each Dragon fires a Dragonsoul blast. It deals magic damage equal to 15% of their target’s max health. With this augment you get a Nomsy, Zippy, and a random Tier 4 Dragon.


  • Dragonmancer Conference: After player combat, a random Dragonmancer appears on your bench. You also get a Kai’Sa.


  • High Tide: Lagoon champions start combat with 30% reduced attack speed but gain 12 mana per second. Then, after they cast twice, their stats go back to normal. You also get a Kai’Sa.
  • Oasis: Any time that a Lagoon champions gets a shield, they cleanse themselves of all negative effects and heal 20% of their missing health.


  • Essence Theft: Mages drain 8 mana from their target whenever they attack, and then they get half of that back. Gain a Lux.


  • Base Camp: Scalescorns gain 8% damage each time they start the same hex. This can stack up to four times, so be careful about moving your board. You also get a Lillia.

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