All new content in Dying Light 2’s Halloween Update

Get ready for spooky season in Villedor.

Image via Techland

Dying Light 2’s Halloween update is here and with that, a lot of new content has been added for players to enjoy. The All Hallows’ Eve event, as it is named, will start on October 25th and will go on until November 4th. There is plenty of time for players to jump back into Dying Light 2 and enjoy everything the Halloween update has to offer. This Halloween update is the biggest in-game event in Dying Light 2 since its release earlier this year. To help players know what to expect in this update, here’s a guide showcasing all the content.

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Scary and Spooky Volatiles

As is customary with Dying Light Halloween updates, the game will go through a noticeable visual change. This includes Volatiles wearing Pumpkins on their heads and becoming ”Pumpkintiles”.

Treats and Special Potions

The Infected around the city possess special resources called Treats and they will drop them when killed. Players will need to collect enough treats and give them to a special season agent called Baka the Unfortunate. He is available in the Bazaar for the duration of the event. After giving the treats to Baka, players will level within the All Hallows’ Eve leveling system and unlock special potions. These potions give players various abilities like jumping higher and turning vision to black and white.

Treat Collection Rewards

By collecting one treat, players will get the ‘Trick or Treats Potion’ pack, and collecting six thousand will provide them with the Jack O’ Mask. Techland has also announced a global community goal for the treats. Dying Light 2 players all around the world will need to collect a total of 150,000,000 treats and for that, they will receive the ‘Dying Laugh Charm.’

Dying Laugh Bundle

The Halloween update will also include the ‘Dying Laugh’ Bundle. This will include a clown costume, a weapon, and a paraglider skin. The ‘Dying Laugh’ Bundle will be available for a limited time from November 3-10 and will be distributed through various digital stores.