The 10 Best mods for Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Don’t wait for Techland to make the fun features.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Techland supported Dying Light for seven years and looks set to do the same for Dying Light 2 Stay Human. However, there are some features that the developer just won’t bring to the game, and for those, you need to turn to the modding community. This guide covers the 10 best mods for Dying Light 2 Stay Human, so you know where to start.

What are the 10 best mods for Dying Light 2 Stay Human?

This list contains the 10 best mods for the game based on how popular they are with the community at the time of writing. They’re arranged in no particular order because they’re all as popular as each other.

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Better Paraglider

Screenshot by Gamepur

The paraglider in Dying Light 2 Stay Human is great. It helps you move across rooftops in a way you’d never be able to with parkour alone. However, it has its limitations, and that’s where this mod comes in. The paraglider will now come with all of its perks unlocked, plus a bunch of behind-the-scenes changes that make it faster, easier to control, and slow down much less when trying to soar upward.

Bring Back Weather After Endings

Screenshot via lueSteveY

Mild spoilers ahead for this mod. The ending of Dying Light 2 Stay Human seems frozen when it comes to weather because of a choice you make regarding a large body of water. This mod changes things so that the weather is dynamic, with rain and cloudy days being revamped too.

Extreme nights V4 – The Return of the King

Image via Techland

Anyone who thinks Dying Light 2 Stay Human is too easy needs this mod. It halves the daytime and doubles the nighttime for each day. Other changes, such as Volatile patrols and double the density of nighttime infected crowds, make the game feel like a fight for your life. Be warned, this will push you to your limit and then well beyond.

I am Legion Reborn: Dying Light 2 Stay Human Overhaul

Image via Jason Haskins

I am Legion Reborn is a complete overhaul of Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Generally speaking, it overhauls the difficulty of every mode in the game, but it goes much deeper than that. Enemies are made to be more intelligent and more lethal no matter how you play. The infected are the main focus, with many now investigating noise more thoroughly, making life very difficult at night. Still, even the composition of human encounters has been tweaked to make you feat travel at any time. This is the mod for those that want a much more hardcore experience.

Improved Dismemberment

Screenshot via ISIKplay

The physics and animations in Dying Light 2 Stay Human are fine but not great. This mod takes advantage of that, significantly increasing the chance of dismembering a limb from an infected while fighting them, helping to make things look slightly more in keeping with the series’ universe.

Increased Survivor Sense

This mod is pretty self-explanatory. It increases the duration and distance of Survivor Sense, allowing you to see infected, items, and everything else the ability reveals for far longer and over a greater distance when sneaking or scavenging.

Photorealistic Villedor

Screenshot via i8j8

This is the only shader mod we have because Dying Light 2 Stay Human looks pretty good already. This mod simply offers something different for those who might want the game to feel more like Resident Evil 8 or just look a bit spookier overall.

Real Time

Screenshot via Tohru Adachi

Real Time is a mod that does exactly what you’d expect it to. It changes the minutes, seconds, and hours in Dying Light 2 Stay Human to represent actual minutes, seconds, and hours. So for every second that passes in real life, a second passes in the game. This should allow you to get much more done in the day and avoid night altogether if you want to.

See Underwater

Screenshot via jremi

Another mod that doesn’t need much explanation. It switches the game’s visuals up so that you can now see underwater wherever you swim. There’s really no need to empty that massive section of the city when you can enjoy it like this.

Unlimited Weapon Durability

Screenshot by Gamepur

Weapon durability is a pain because it forces you to swap away from your best weapons when they get close to breaking. Rather than spending precious resources on repairing those weapons, this mod infinitely increases the durability of every weapon in the game. No matter how many infected you crush the skulls of with a single modified metal pipe, it’ll never shatter. Reliable doesn’t begin to cover it.