All new features in MLB The Show 21

It’s time to slide into second.

Now that we know that MLB The Show 21 is a thing, it’s time to analyze what’s new to the franchise. Besides the fact that the Sony-developed baseball game will be coming to Xbox consoles for the first time ever, SDS has already disclosed some new features that gamers can expect in this year’s title. So, what’s new in The Show? Let’s go over what we know so far.

Road to the Show created pros can be used in other game modes

This is arguably the biggest addition to The Show so far. Thanks to pre-order listings, we do know that any created players for Road to the Show can be used in other game modes.

As to what extent you will be able to use your RTTP pro in MLB The Show 21, we don’t exactly know that just yet. However, it does appear that you might be able to use these created ballplayers in Diamond Dynasty as well. Early pre-order information from retailers state that players will be able to “lead your Ballplayer to Road to the Show and Diamond Dynasty glory as a two-way star.”

Cross-platform play and cross-progression

Considering that The Show has been a PlayStation-exclusive title until now, cross-platform has never been a question. But with the inclusion of the Xbox family of consoles into the mix, now it is. Luckily, Sony confirmed right off the bat (yes, the pun is intended) that cross-platform play will be a thing in MLB The Show 21.

In a PlayStation Blog post on February 1, Sony San Diego game designer Ramone Russell stated that cross-platform play will be in MLB The Show 21. Additionally, players will also have access to cross-progression, meaning that players will be able to earn and use content on whichever platform you choose. However, purchased Stubs exempt from this.

Other features

Here are some of the other features that players can expect from MLB The Show 21:

  • Revamped Franchise and March to October modes
  • Streamlined programs to Diamond Dynasty, designed to “provide you clearer goals and more rewards based on how you play the game”
  • Tailored and focused gameplay that will include Casual, Simulation, and Competitive (will be used for Online Head to Head) experiences
  • New pitching mechanics and player onboarding experiences
  • Complete overhaul to fielding
  • 4K, 60 FPS on next-gen consoles
  • Stadium Creator mode will be added for the very first time

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