What is the release date for MLB The Show 21?

Do we know when The Show is going live in 2021?

The 2020 World Series has come and gone, and the end of the baseball season means that it’s time to look ahead to 2021. Many baseball fans will be focused on the real action next year and the virtual action with MLB The Show 21. Sony’s simulation baseball series will once again return for 2021, to almost no one’s surprise, but the actual date for the release of The Show 21 is still quite unclear at this time.

As of this writing, Sony San Diego has not publicized a release date for MLB The Show 21, meaning that we don’t know when the title is expected to launch worldwide. It also appears that we will have to wait until the new year to find out more information. On October 26, the MLB The Show social media team, via Twitter, announced that Sony San Diego is working on the new game and that players should expect more information on the title in 2021.

For right now, everything is up in the air regarding when MLB The Show will go live in 2021. However, one thing to note about next year’s game is that the announcement regarding the release date will come later than usual. Back in October 2019, Sony unveiled the cover athlete for MLB The Show 20 and the title’s launch date of March 17.

This delay of information, as compared to last year’s drop of information, could mean that The Show 21 could be launched later than expected.