All New Items Added In Super Mario Maker Update 2.0


Update 2.0 has added all sorts of new items to Super Mario Maker 2. You can use these new items while creating courses to give them more variety and challenge.

Master Sword

Master Sword is a new item that turns players into Link when they pick it up. You can only use it when building a Super Mario Bros. level. To select the Master Sword, you place a Super Mushroom, then change its type from the options available. Link plays vastly different from Mario and has a shield and a bow. Creators can build completely different levels when it comes to challenges and obstacles.


Spike has come to the game and generates large spikey balls that hurt the player. Spike is available for any level.


Pokey, a fan-favorite enemy, has also been added to the game. Pokey is available for any level.

P Block

You can’t break P Blocks, but you can move or remove them by hitting P Switches. They can be used when creating any level and should give builders some exciting options when building their levels.

Frozen Coin

Frozen Coins are ice blocks that contain a coin, and you can melt by using fire. The can be used when creating any level, except Super Mario 3D World. To place a Frozen Coin, you first place a standard coin, then change its type from the options available.

Dash Block

You can only use the Dash Block with the Super Mario 3D World level. When you jump on top of the block, it sends you dashing forward and increases the arc of your jump.