All of the Mirror of Night upgrades in Hades

What you can look forward too once you have enough Chthonic Keys

The Mirror of Night is an important mechanic in Hades. Players learn to use it early on after the first escape attempt. It grants several upgrades that can be leveled up to increase your survivability. These upgrades are earned by purchasing them with Darkness and Chthonic Keys. Here is a complete list of all the available abilities in the game.

There are two lists of abilities available to players in Hades, one list is Red, and the other is Green. These lists share slots on the mirror; you can only use one of the abilities in each slot at a time. Cycle through the abilities by clicking on their name. Whichever abilities are actively listed when you leave the mirror are what you will have on your next run.

Red Abilities

1Shadow PresenceEach rank gives you +10% damage when you strike foes from behind.5
2Chthonic VitalityEach rank restores one Health when you enter each chamber.3
3Death DefianceEach rank restores you for 50% Health one time when your Life Total is depleted.3
4Greater ReflexEach rank lets you chain +1 Dash before briefly recovering.1
5Boiling BloodEach rank gives you +10% Attack & Special damage to foes with Bloodstones (Cast Ammo) in them.5
6Infernal SoulEach rank gives you an extra Bloodstone for your Cast.2
7Deep PocketsEach rank grants you 10 Obols at the start of each escape from the House of Hades.10
8Thick SkinEach rank adds five Health to your Life Total.10
9Privileged StatusEach rank gives you +20% damage vs. foes afflicted by at least two Status Curse effects.2
10Olympian FavorEach rank adds a 1% bonus chance for a Boon to have Rare affects.40
11God’s PrideEach rank adds a 1% bonus chance for a Boon to have Epic effects.20
12Fated AuthorityEach rank gives you one die, used to randomly alter the reward for the next chamber.10

Green Abilities

1Fiery PresenceEach rank makes you deal 20% damage when you strike undamaged foes.5
2Dark RegenerationEach rank makes 30% of any Darkness you collect restore your Health by that much.2
3Stubborn DefianceThis restores you to 30% Health once per chamber when your Life Total is depleted.1
4Ruthless ReflexIf you Dash just before getting hit, gain +50% damage and dodge chance for two seconds1
5Abyssal BloodEach rank reduces foes’ speed and damage by -5% while they have a Bloodstone (Cast Ammo) in them.5
6Stygian SoulYour Cast Ammo regenerates, but no longer drops. Each rank makes this one second faster.3
7Golden TouchEach rank grants you +5% Obols of your total each time you clear an Underworld region.3
8High ConfidenceEach rank gives you +5% damage, while you have 80% Health or greater.5
9Family FavoriteEach rank gives you +2.5% damage for each different Olympian whose Boons you have.2
10Dark ForesightEach rank gives you +1% greater chance for Gold Laurel rewards (Boons, Hammers, and Poms).10
11God’s LegacyEach rank gives you +1% greater chance for a Boon to be Legendary or a Duo (if possible).10
12Fated PersuasionEach rank gives you one die, used to randomly alter Boon and Well of Charon choices.4