All official PS5 accessories, explained – DualSense controller, headset, camera, and more

For PlayStation, by PlayStation.

Screengrab via PlayStation’s YouTube

Launch accessories undoubtedly make bringing home that new console much more special – especially those made by the console creator. Maybe its the quality of design that sweeps you away, or maybe it’s the lack of hideous gimmicks. Either way, the PlayStation 5 launch accessories are no exception. They may be a bit pricier than in previous generations, but serve a much greater purpose than knockoff equipment. Below, we break down each new piece of hardware, what comes in the box, and what makes it special.

Those gawking at these wonderfully made accessories can pre-order them now, but they won’t be in your hands until the console hits shelves on November 12 or 19, depending on where you hail from in the world.

DualSense controller

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Image via PlayStation

The DualShock is no more, and for good reason. The new DualSense offers a new haptic feedback feature that alters vibrations and the weight of button presses during certain gaming scenarios. A built-in mic is also included, which may be terrifying for Call of Duty lobbies but excellent for talk-to-text chats. A USB Type-C charging cable is also included.

DualSense charging station

Image via PlayStation

The charging station may look familiar, with the same white shield design as the PS5 so it won’t unnecessarily pop out on your TV stand. It allows for two DualSenses to be charged at a time. PlayStation’s website has mentioned that charging the controller via the console may sacrifice performance, so this is worth picking up.

Pulse 3D wireless headset

Image via Tomsguide

The first official headset made for the PlayStation 5 certainly looks the part, with a black and white futuristic design. As the name suggests, it will take advantage of the new 3D audio capability, and there are also dual noise-canceling microphones. The headset can be connected to the PS5 via an included wireless adaptor, giving you up to 12 hours of wireless time. For the old school players, you can play wired via a 3.5mm jack cable that connects to the DualSense.

Media Remote

Image via GamesRadar

The PS5 Media Remote is a great fit for those utilizing the console’s streaming apps, such as Disney+ and Netflix. The remote can navigate through all PS5 menus, so you won’t need to switch between this and the DualSense when heading in and out of apps. It’s a sleek, white beauty that is universal.

HD Camera

Image via PlayStation

This piece of essential streaming hardware is a bit thicker than previous PlayStation cameras but will include a sturdy built-in stand. It also captures and streams in 1080p and has new background removal tools, so your videos will look like a professional’s without much work.

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