All online multiplayer game modes available in Splatoon 3

These are the games you can jump into.

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Splatoon 3 is taking the series to new places with many new features and items to help you claim the battlefield as your own. While in matches, you will see a combination of returning favorite modes and some new ones that should definitely spice things up a bit. Here are all of the online multiplayer game modes in Splatoon 3.

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All online multiplayer modes in Splatoon 3

Anarchy Battles

Anarchy Battles have four objective modes that are on rotation. The Anarchy Battle (Series) can only be entered solo, but Anarchy Battle (Open) can be done with friends. You will need to win five games in this competitive mode before you lose three to get a good rank. These are the modes available in this section:

  • Clam Blitz
    • Clam Blitz requires you to collect clams and throw them into the enemy’s goals. The first to throw 100 in or get the lower score when time runs out wins.
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  • Rainmaker
    • Rainmaker has you secure the Rainmaker and take it to the checkpoints. Whatever team controls more checkpoints wins.
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  • Splat Zones
    • Splat Zones is a territory control mode where you take control of a territory by covering it in more ink than the opponent.
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  • Tower Control
    • Tower Control is a game of tug-of-war where whoever has control of the tower moves it between checkpoints. Whatever team gets it to the end or the farthest when time runs out wins.
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Private Battles

You can set up Private Battles to play any of the game’s modes and maps with friends.

Salmon Run

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Salmon Run has returned and is a four-player PvE mode that has you and your team working together to defeat Salmonids and deliver the Golden Eggs they drop to the goal. You need to deliver a specified amount in each wave to advance. Boss enemies will routinely spawn in, causing more havoc for you and a King Salmonid has a chance to attack when you are about to leave the area. When the King Salmonid arrives, you have a certain amount of time to defeat them.

  • Big Run
    • Big Run is a special event that happens once every few months where the Salmonids attack Splatsville and you and other players have to drive them back.

Tableturf Battle

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Tableturf Battle is a 1-on-1 card game where you can collect over 150 cards that all lay down different ink formations on the board when you play them. Like the regular mode, the goal is to have the most ground covered in your color at the end to win.

Tricolor Turf War

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Tricolor Turf War is exclusive to the second half of a Splatfest. In this mode, three teams try to cover the most ground possible in the time limit. Four players who are on the leading team during the Splatfest will be placed in the middle and have to defend themselves from the two teams of two from the other choices attacking them on both sides during this mode. When you gather the Ultra Signal, you call in an item that covers the area in your team’s color.

Turf War

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Turf War is as synonymous with Splatoon 3 as Team Deathmatch is with Call of Duty. In this mode, two teams try to cover the ground and walls with as much ink as possible before time runs out. The team with more ground covered at the end wins. You can access this mode anytime by selecting Regular Battle in the Lobby.