All Palico support types and how they work in Monster Hunter Rise

How can your Palico best support you?

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When you begin your journey in Monster Hunter Rise, one of the first decisions you’ll make is deciding what type of Palico Support Type to select. There are five unique options, each helpful to you. While you can obtain other Palico Support Types as you progress through the game, the one you begin makes the initially grind process much easier. In this guide, we will cover all Palico Support Types and how they work in Monster Hunter Rise.

All Palico Support Types


For those who know how to handle themselves and need a little extra help, a Palico with the assist support type strategically places traps throughout the battle. These traps prevent the monster from moving, giving you plenty of advantages during a fight and opening up other opportunities for every hunter. All hunters can also lay down traps, but if you’re consistently putting down traps, the monster can escape from more and more of them. The Palico’s traps are harder to escape.


If you’re dealing with a monster that needs to be taken down using explosives, the bombardier support type for your Palico makes it much easier to take it down. This Palico brought with it plenty of bombs that it will be tossing out and using against the monster you’re hunting. When a monster you’re hunting has thick armor, these explosives are ideal at damaging it and breaking through that heavy shell.


The fight support type on your Palico turns it into a fighter. For experienced hunters who are not new to Monster Hunter, this type of Palico is ideal, especially in the single-player game mode. In addition, the Palico receives an attack boost during combat, making it more powerful and a balanced ally for everyone who needs a little help dispatching a monster following a hunt.


Monster Hunter is all about turning a defeated monster’s parts into weapons and gear. When you’re fighting a monster, a monster’s pieces can be lost when you’re battling while the creature roams around the map. The Palico, with the gathering support type, seeks out these precious materials and makes sure you find them and don’t overlook anything. If you’re trying to craft some of the best gear in Monster Hunter, make sure to bring a Palico on your hunts that can gather all of these materials up.


The healer support type on the Palico is likely going to be the most common for players who are new to Monster Hunter. During your fight with a monster, you’ll be taking quite a bit of damage. Healing can be a little difficult in the game because you have to disengage from the monster, sheath your weapon, and drink from your potions. A Palico that is a healer goes out of their way to make sure they’re healing you, making sure you can focus on taking out creatures for your mission.