All perk upgrades in The Anacrusis

Compile some upgrades.

Screenshot by Gamepur

During your adventures in The Anacrusis, you will occasionally encounter a blue machine that emits electronic beeps and boops. This box, a Matter Compiler, will grant you three choices of Perks, which are passive and permanent upgrades for your character. Unfortunately, a list of these perks doesn’t exist in any menu in-game, so we’ve compiled a list of all perk upgrades in The Anacrusis.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Weapon Perks

These perks will augment a weapon type with a passive upgrade.

  • Burstfire Pistol – Fire three-shot bursts with your pistol.
  • Penetrating Plasma – Plasma Rifle shots go through multiple enemies.
  • SMB Tracking Rounds – Shots fired with the SMB automatically track nearby targets.
  • Blaster Upgrade – Shots fired from the Blaster will have a larger range.
  • Weapon Stabilizer – All weapons have less recoil.
  • Special Charge Extender – Special weapons (Arc and Laser Rifles) come with more ammunition.
  • Target Protocol – Automatically ping special enemies while aiming down sights.
  • Auto Charge – Moves one shot from your ammo reserve into your gun, every few seconds.

Grenade Perks

These perks will augment your grenades with bonus effects.

  • Grenade Amplifier – Area of Effect for grenades is larger.
  • Healing Goo – Deploying Goo Grenades grants temporary health to nearby players.
  • Defensive Goo – Standing in Goo Grenades protects you from damage.

Passive Perks

These perks will augment your character with bonus effects and stats.

  • Temp Health Stabilizer – Temporary health decays much slower.
  • Health Extender – Increases your maximum health by a small amount.
  • Pulse Amplifier – The area of effect for your Pulse is larger.
  • Pulse Recycler – Your pulse recharges faster after an ally pulses near you.
  • Revive Adrenaline – Take less damage and deal increased damage after you are downed or incapacitated.
  • Fire Resistance – Take less damage from fire.
  • Fast Healing – Health Scanners and Revive downed allies faster.
  • Criticality – Enemies killed with critical hits explode.
  • Goo Immunity – You are no longer slowed by enemy Goo.