All perks in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

He’s the best around.

Image via Square Enix

Perks in Guardians of the Galaxy are important to obtain during your playthrough of the game. This RPG-lite mechanic in the game will give you bonuses like a charged shot and increased health that will determine the difference between life and death on your mission to save the galaxy.

To gain perks, you will need to gather components throughout each level of the game. They can be hidden in alternate pathways or by destroying the environment to reveal them underneath. Once you’ve gathered the materials, go to a workbench and Rocket will mechanize the perk upgrade for Starlord.

  • Charged Shot
    • By pressing R2 twice, you’ll release a charged shot. It can deliver more damage than a typical rate of fire and will deal Stagger as well.
  • Consumables Magnet
    • Like the Ratchet & Clank series, this will attract enemy drops from up to 15 meters away towards you.
  • Rapid Reload
    • This is added on by default. It will negate the cooldown period and will release an extra shot. Some structures can’t be blasted without that second round of fire after a rapid reload.
  • Tactical Scan
    • The new ablity scans enemies during combat with the Visor.
  • Air Glide
    • You can glide around targets for a short amount of time while shooting.
  • Perfect Dodge
    • You’ll slow down time for a brief moment if you dodge an attack at the last second.
  • Knockdown Dash
    • You’ll avoid falling prone by dashing when hit with a knockdown blow.
  • Super Quill Punch
    • You’ll drop additional Health pick-ups when taking down a foe with a lethal blow after a Jet Boot dash.
  • Compnents Localizer
    • You can locate crafting components by receiving tracking feedback and more visor support. This would e a good perk to add first as components are vital for upgrading your perks.
  • Extra Health
    • Just as it says on the tin. It will increase your health by 25%.
  • Extra Shield
    • Increases your shield point total by 50%.
  • Shield Restoration Delay
    • Regenerate shield points quicker while in combat. This will save you during tough segments of a fight.
  • Shield Restoration Speed
    • Increases shield regeneration by 33% per second. This might be a vital upgrade.
  • Low Life Buff
    • Your firing rate is double when your health is less than 25%.