All Photo Rewards and Prices in Phasmophobia

Get the real photo-journalism experience by risking your life for a $10 photograph.

Phasmophobia Goryo

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you’ve done your fair share of ghost hunting in Phasmophobia, you’ve already spotted the optional objectives to photograph the target ghost or evidence of their presence in the house. However, you might not realize that there are always rewards for photographing certain spooky happenings in the game, even if they aren’t listed as an objective for that map.

If you’re looking for an easy way to make extra money for some cool gear in the game, taking some choice pictures is a good bet. The photo rewards work in Phasmophobia by assigning points for each photo subject taken on a map. How many you get for each picture will depend on how close you are to the subject when you take the photo as well as what the subject is. Here is a brief description of each photo subject and how many points it will net your team.


If you’re quick and brave enough to hold your ground, you can get a snap of the ghost as it materializes, either as part of a ghost event or during a hunt.

  • Within 4 meters: 100
  • Between 4-8 meters: 85
  • Beyond 8 meters: 70


Snapping a photo of a fingerprint left by the ghost will yield a reward. You don’t need to necessarily be shining the UV light on the prints to make the picture count, but you will need it to figure out where the prints are.

  • Within 1.5 meters: 50
  • Between 1.5-8 meters: 30
  • Beyond 8 meters: 15

Dirty Water

Turning on all the faucets in a house might be rude when visiting friends, but when you’re trying to get paid for your ghost-hunting adventures it is just smart. Grabbing a picture of water that has come out as dirty and brown will net you a quick reward.

  • Within 1.5 meters: 35
  • Between 1.5-8 meters: 25
  • Beyond 8 meters: 15

Cursed Possessions

There are a group of six objects that randomly spawn on the map that are classified as Cursed Possessions. These are the Music Box, Ouija Board, Voodoo Doll, Haunted Mirror, Summoning Circle, and Tarot Cards. Using each one is a little bit different, but they will all net you some money for a photo of them.

  • Within 1.5 meters: 60
  • Between 1.5-8 meters: 45
  • Beyond 8 meters: 30


Grabbing a photo of the ghost throwing an object across the room, an Ouija Board that is lighting up with answers, or a signed ghost-writing book will give you a reward at the end of the contract.

  • Within 1.5 meters: 40
  • Between 1.5-8 meters:  30
  • Beyond 8 meters: 20


When a ghost has walked through the salt your team puts down on the ground, snap a picture of it for a quick reward.

  • Within 1.5 meters: 40
  • Between 1.5-8 meters: 30
  • Beyond 8 meters: 20


If your buddy has run afoul of the ghost, be sure to honor their sacrifice by taking a picture of their corpse. It will get you a little extra money when you get home, which is what they would have wanted.

  • Within 1.5 meters: 30
  • Between 1.5-8 meters: 20
  • Beyond 8 meters: 10


If you find a bone lying around on the contract, don’t just assume the homeowners have a very big dog. Snap a picture of it and you’ll earn a bit of cash for it. A bone will spawn as part of every contract, so it is worth taking a look around for the easy money. Additionally, you get money just for picking up the bone even without taking a picture.

  • Within 1.5 meters: 70
  • Between 1.5-8 meters: 55
  • Beyond 8 meters: 40

Final Reward

Once you finish the contract, the total points from all the eligible photos are added together and give you a final reward at the end of the contract.

  • 1-49 points: $10
  • 50-99 points: $15
  • 100-199 points: $20
  • 200-299 points: $25
  • 300-399 points: $30
  • 400-499 points: $35
  • 500-580 points: $40