All Pipe Path Tower Cat Shine Shards locations in Bowser’s Fury

Climb the pips to success.

Image via Nintendo

Pipe Path Tower is another level in Bowser’s Fury that is relatively simple.

All of its Cat Shards are scatted across the small area and can be picked up with ease by completing the level normally. That’s a good thing too, as any perfectionists out there will need to collect all five to get 1 of 100 Cat Shines.

While you can get all the Cat Shards in this level by going through the pips as normal. If you think of yourself as a skilled individual you can also get them through the Cat Suit by climbing the walls.

For those who want to collect each Shard through the natural way, however, here is how to get them and where they are.

Cat Shard #1

Screengrab via Nintendo

At the first set of pipes near the wall. Either use Cat Mario to climb the wall towards it or find the pipe in the center that takes you to it.

Cat Shard #2

Screengrab via Nintendo

On top of the second set of pipes.

Cat Shard #3, #5

Screengrab via Nintendo
Screengrab via Nintendo

The third Cat Shard will be a part of the level’s natural progression. The last one, however, will require a Fire Flower powerup to break the obstructions at the top near the lighthouse to access the Shard.

Cat Shard #4

Screengrab via Nintendo

Part of the levels natural path, can’t be missed.