All playable characters in Pizza Tower

Every character in the game.

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Although small, Pizza Tower boasts an impressive roster of characters that players can utilize in their journey. Each character possesses unique attributes, with several different playstyles to try. That said, not every character is available by default and is exclusive to certain quests. Hence, we’ve put together a guide listing every character in Pizza Tower and their abilities.

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Peppino Spaghetti

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Peppino is the game’s main protagonist and is available from the start. The Italian chef is arguably the most balanced character in the game and easy to play. He has access to Jump, Body Slam, Dash, Roll, Dive, Super Jump, Grab, Tackle, Quick Roll, Belly Slide, Shoulder Bash, Taunt, Parry, and Break Dance.


Snick is a purple porcupine that rocks a red cap and shoes. It is an animal mascot similar to Sonic the Hedgehog, although not at the same popularity level. Snick can use Jump, Automatic Dash, Peelout, Slide, Super Jump, Dive, Body Slam, and Taunt in Pizza Tower.

The Vigilante

The Vigilante is the second boss that players will encounter in Pizza Tower. He is the owner of Fun Farms, which The Noise wrecks during the main storyline. Later, Peppino accidentally burns down the farm, which leads to The Vigilante and his family becoming homeless. This pushes him down the road of revenge, where you’ll get to play him in the quest. He can use Dash, Dynamite Throw, Dyna-Jump, Gun, Ground, Healing, and Taunt.


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Gustavo is the secondary character in Pizza Tower who appears in the pizzeria in the game’s opening scenes. He is a vital part of the story and guides Peppino throughout the progression. Gustavo is also a playable character with abilities like Dash, Double Jump, Wall Jump, Brick Kick, Spin Attack, Stomp, Crawling/Climbing, Rail Climbing, Eating Balloons, Taunt, and Jump.