All Pokémon Go Fest 2022 Habitat spawns

Find certain Pokémon spawning in each habitat.

Image via Niantic

The Pokémon Go Fest for Pokémon Go is a yearly event where players can purchase a ticket to receive multiple unique spawns, rewards, and have the chance to partake in several events for a weekend. Pokémon Go Fest 2022 will be happening from June 4 to 5, featuring multiple habitats for you to encounter exclusive Pokémon. The Pokémon will vary depending on the active habitat. Here’s what you need to know about al Pokémon Go Fest 2022 Habitat spawns.

There will be four habitats for Pokémon Go Fest 2022: City, Plains, Rainforest, and Tundra. Each habitat will be active for an hour before changing to the next one, with each appearing twice during the event.

All Pokémon Go Fest 2022 Habitat spawns


The City Habitat will appear at 10 AM and 2 PM in your local time zone.

  • Alolan Grimer
  • Baltoy
  • Bronzor
  • Golett
  • Gothita
  • Hitmonchan
  • Litten
  • Magnemite
  • Pidove
  • Trash Cloak Burmy
  • Trubbish


The Plains habitat will appear at 11 AM and 3 PM in your local time zone.

  • Buizel
  • Drilbur
  • Dunsparce
  • Girafarig
  • Larvitar
  • Litleo
  • Numel
  • Patrat
  • Rufflet
  • Shelmet
  • Trapinch


The Rainforest habitat will appear at 12 PM and 4 PM in your local time zone.

  • Binacle
  • Chimchar
  • Karrablast
  • Mudkip
  • Rowlet
  • Seedot
  • Shroomish
  • Skrelp
  • Slakoth
  • Turtwig
  • Venipede


The Tundra habitat will appear at 1 PM and 5 PM in your local time zone.

  • Bergmite
  • Cubchoo
  • Meditite
  • Omanyte
  • Piplup
  • Popplio
  • Spheal
  • Swinub
  • Vanillite
  • Wailmer
  • Wingull

During each of the featured habitats, you can place incense on your character to increase the chances of these Pokémon appearing in the wild. Along with increased opportunities to find these Pokémon, certain Pokémon will be appearing while your incense is active, depending on the active habitat.

Each incense-boosted spawn will feature Unown B, Unown G, Unown O, and Unown U. For the City habitat, you can expect to encounter Galarian Weezing and Klink. During the Plains habitat, you can expect ot encounter Torkoal and Axew. For the Rainforest habitat, Tropius and Pancham will have a chance to spawn. Finally, you might encounter Galarian Mr. Mime and Galarian Darumaka in the wild during the Tundra habitat.

You will need to purchase a Pokémon Go Fest 2022 ticket to participate in the event and receive these boosted spawns.