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All potions and recipes in Roblox Wacky Wizards

Find out the recipe to every potion in Roblox Wacky Wizards.

Roblox Wacky Wizards is a Roblox game revolving around brewing potions. There are a plethora of brewable potions available in the game, each providing different benefits and effects on consumption. Every potion has a different recipe and requires specific resources for brewing. We’ve put together a guide listing all the potions in Roblox Wacky Wizards and the ingredients required to brew them.

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All potions and recipes

Potions in Roblox Wacky Wizards are divided into regular and premium potions. Ordinary or regular potions are brewed using free ingredients, while premium potions contain at least one premium (requiring Robux to purchase) ingredient.

Regular potions

Potion NameIngredients Effect
Speedy Giraffe HoofIncreases the speed of your character
SquirtingRotten SandwichYou will poop till you respawn
NoodleyPool NoodleYou get long noodle arms
TinyFairyYour character becomes small
FlounderFishAllows you to swim in both water and air.
FloatingBirdAllows you to leap further into the air.
ExplosiveDynamiteAfter 3 seconds, your character is blown apart.
ZombieBrainIt transforms you into a zombie.
WartySpiderYour character slowly develops warts.
CamouflageChameleonYour color changes according to the surroundings
GiantGiant’s EarIncreases the size of your character
HotChili PepperIt sets you ablaze and kills you.
BeanyBeansYou’ll be transformed into a bean.
Jandel Jandel’s HeadIt transforms you into Jandel.
ForyxeForyxe’s HeadIt transforms you into Foryxe
CleetusCleetus’s HatIt transforms you into Cleetus
Identity TheftYouTransform into the person who concocted the potion
Unresolved SizeFairy + Giant’s EarMakes you bigger and smaller at random
Enlarged HeadBrain +Giant’s EarIncreases the size of your head
Tiny HeadBrain + FairyReduces the size of your head
TallGiraffe Hoof +Giant’s Earcauses you to become tall and slender
Shrink RayChameleon + Fairyshrinks you to the point of death
Leg DayGiraffe Hoof + Fairyprovides you with small legs
Wide LoadBeans +Giant’s EarIt expands your physique.
IronPool Noodle + Giant’s EarGives you the arms of a weightlifter
Long NeckGiraffe Hoof + Pool NoodleIt lengthens your neck
CentipedePool Noodle + SpiderIt transforms you into Centipede
DiggingPool Noodle + BeansTransform into a worm
Rocket Dynamite + BirdTransform into a flying rocket
BaldBrain + Chili PepperSets your head and all of your belongings on fire
Fire WalkingBird + Chili PepperIt enables you to walk on fire
Fire BreathingRotten Sandwich + Chili PepperIt allows you to breathe fire
SwimBird + FishIt allows you to swim in the air
MermaidFairy + FishTransform into a mermaid
PuffedBeans + FishTransform into a pufferfish
Octo Giraffe Hoof + Spider + FishTransform into a flying octopus
Air JumperBird + Giraffe HoofIt allows you to do a double leap
BangBrain + Giant’s Ear + DynamiteIt causes your skull to swell and explode
TickingBrain + DynamiteIt causes your brain to smolder and burst
BouncyGiraffe Hoof + DynamiteIt causes your feet to explode
FireworkPool Noodle + DynamiteLaunches you into the sky
Exploding SquirtsRotten Sandwich + DynamiteDrop exploding poop
PoppingBeans + DynamiteYou expand like a bubble and eventually explode
SpeckledSpider + ChameleonGrants you rainbow colored warts
RagdollBrain + Rotten SandwichYou’ll fall over like a ragdoll
LimpPool Noodle + Rotten SandwichSlide around the map limping
Slowing HoofGiraffe Hoof + Rotten SandwichYou walk slower
Giant SquirtsGiant’s Ear + Rotten SandwichDrop a colossal poop
Cloning FartsFairy + Rotten SandwichYour farts drop a clone of you
BuirtsBeans + Rotten SandwichYour fart drop beans
Invisible Brain + ChameleonYou become invisible
Invisible HeadBrain + Chameleon + BrainYour head becomes invisible
LeggedGiraffe Hoof + SpiderYou get spider legs
MinionsFairy + SpiderCreates spider minions that will follow you around
GhostlyBird + SpiderYou become a ghost
BananaBeans + Giant’s Ear + Giraffe Hoof + FairyYou become a massive gorilla
Loong HeadBrain + BeansYou get long pinhead
High-HeelGiraffe Hoof + Giant’s Ear + Giraffe HoofYou wear high heels
DoppelgängerYou + ChameleonYou can copy other players by touching them
HeadwardsYou + BrainYour head turns upside down
Upside DownYou + Brain + YouYou’ll walk on your head
WizardJandel’s Head + Foryxe’s HeadTransform into a wizard
HeatseekingDynamite + Bird + DynamiteTransform into a heat seeking missile
SallyPool Noodle + Cleetus’s HatYou get a pink sally head
NuclearDynamite + Giant’s EarTransform into a nuclear bomb
LevitateBird + FairyIt allows you to levitate
SkinnyGiraffe Hoof + Giant’s Ear + FairyTransform into a skiny person
RollingYou + Pool NoodlePuts you into a ball that rolls around
BouncyGiraffe Hoof + Dynamite + BeansPuts you into a ball that bounces around
CrumblyChameleon + BeansCrumble into beans
RobuxRobuxYou can click to throw Robux
EmpyreusRobux + BrainProduces a dominus
LinkRobux + YouTransform into a Linkman
Hat-GrowerRobux + Giant’s EaIncreases the size of your head accessories
BuxlyRobux + ChameleonTransform into a pile of Robux
KorbloxRobux + Giraffe HoofRemoves your right leg
SketchSketchTransform into a Sketch
JayingeeJayingeeTransform into a Jayingee
FlybuxRobux + BirdTransform into a flying Robuc
PoorRobux + Rotten SandwichBecome a homeless person
SquareRobux + FishTransform into Mr. Krabs
Mr. RichCyclops EyeTransform into Mr. Rich
GoldenRobux + FairyYou get coated in gold
PremiumsaladPremiumsaladTransform into Premiumsalad
InvertWitches BrewNegatively inverts the colors on your screen
VomitWitches Brew + BeansYou vomit confetti
BroomWitches Brew + FairyYou can fly around on a broom
PumpkinWitches Brew + RobuxYour head becomes a pumpkin
DetacherWitches Brew + BrainPlaces your head between your legs
CrowWitches Brew + BirdCrows fly around you
SmellingWitches Brew + Pool NoodleMakes you look like a witch with a huge nose
TruckWitches Brew + Giant’s EarYou get butcheeks
GlindaWitches Brew + YouTransform into a witch
TwitchyWitches Brew + Rotten SandwichYour character will twitch
Banging WartsWitches Brew + DynamiteYou get explosive warts
RattyWitches Brew + SpiderTransform into a rat
PunchyBoxing GlovesYou get boxing gloves 
Hot-punchBoxing Gloves + Chili PepperYou get flaming boxing gloves
Gravity-punchBoxing Gloves + BirdYou get anti-gravity boxing gloves
Brains PunchBoxing Gloves + BrainYou get brain boxing gloves
KaboomBoxing Gloves + DynamiteYou get exploding boxing gloves
BeanockBoxing Gloves + BeansYou get beans instead of boxing gloves
KnockPunchBoxing Gloves + Giant’s EarYou get giant boxing gloves

Premium potions

Potion NameIngredientsEffect
Frozen Frozen EggSlowly turn into an ice block
God Zeus’s BeardYou can strike lightning by clicking
RotationHat of GearsYou rotate in circles
LeafyMagic SeedYou turn into a tree
60’sMagic Seed + FairyWherever you walk, a flower grows
AcceleratingZeus’s Beard + Giraffe HoofThe longer you run, the faster you will become
Air WalkBird + frozen EggAs you walk and jump, spawn blocks beneath you
Boombox Hat of Gears + Zeus’s BeardUse a boombox to play music codes
BushyMagic Seed + ChameleonTransform into a green bush
DizzyHat of Gears + BrainYou get dizzy
FuseHat of Gears + DynamiteTurn into a ticking timebomb
Hard AsMagic Seed + Chameleon + Hat of GearsTurn into a pile of rocks
HeaddleHat of Gears + Giraffe Hoof + BrainFriends can ride on your head
Human FlightZeus’s Beard + BirdFly around like Zeus
IceFrozen Egg + ChameleonYour character becomes transparent as ice
InfectiousZeus’s Beard + Rotten SandwichYou can infect other players with warts
JetpackHat of Gears + BirdYou can fly with the help of Jetpack
SaddleHat of Gears + Giraffe HoofFriends can ride on your back
ShroomMagic Seed + Rotten SandwichWherever you walk, a Mushroom grows
StatueChameleon + BirdOther players will be turned into statues
SlipGiraffe Hoof + Frozen EggThe surface becomes slippery and hard to walk on
StumpedMagic Seed + Giraffe HoofGet massive tree legs
SusHat of Gears + BeansTurn into red sus from Among Us
UnluckyZeus’s Beard + DynamiteLightning will strike you at any time
WaterwalkingFish + Frozen EggYou can walk on water
Rock BenderMagic Seed + Zeus’s BeardYou can spawn rocks by clicking
TeleportationZeus’s Beard + FairyTeleport to any location on the map
MeteoriteZeus’s Beard + BeansYou can spawn beans by clicking on the sky
Flying PooHat of Gears + Bird + Rotten SandwichFarts will fly around you
Clone ArmyYou + Magic SeedYour character’s clones are created
CavemanYou + Frozen EggTurn into a caveman
Size ControllerFairy + Giant’s Ear + Zeus’s BeardYou can control your size
Golden TreeRobux + Magic SeedTransform into a golden tree
Bux-WalkRobux + Frozen EggTurn into a caveman
ThrobuxRobux + Hat of GearsYou can throw Robux on people
GoldifyRobux + Fairy + Chameleon + Zeus’s BeardOther players turn into gold
Death Witches Brew + Magic SeedTransform into a dead tree
FloatingWitches Brew + Hat of GearsYou get a floating hat to wear
VehicleWheelTransform into a human car
MonsterWheel + Giant’s EarTransform into a human monster truck
LimoWheel +Pool NoodleTransform into a human limo
Teeny WheelyWheel + FairyTransform into a small car
“Let’s Gooo”Wheel + BeansTransform into a DaBaby car
Take-offWheel + BirdTransform into a human airplane
KachowWheel + Zeus’s Beard Transform into a Lightning McQueen
Burning CarWheel + Chili PepperTransform into a Hot Wheels car
AntWheel + SpiderTransform into an ant car
RichWheel + RobuxTransform into a fancy racecar
ExplodespellWitches Brew + BeardYou can shoot fireballs
Frozen-hitBoxing Gloves + Frozen EggYou get frozen boxing gloves
Shocking-hitBoxing Gloves + Zeus’s BeardYou get electric boxing gloves

Players can keep a tab of every potion by checking the potion book from the home screen.

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