All Prize Tracker rewards for the Fight Night Collection Event in Apex Legends

Outside of the main collection, there’s still a couple legendary cosmetics to snag.

Fight Night Prize Tracker Rewards

The Prize Tracker is back for the Fight Night Collection Event in Apex Legends and is full of brand-new collectibles with a similar theme to the event’s collection. There are 16 new unlockables on the Prize Tracker, including two legendary weapon skins and a rare Legend skin for Gibraltar. That said, it should be noted that there are no login rewards for this event.

Prize Tracker Rewards

While the Prize Tracker for the Fight Night collection event doesn’t hold too much of a flame to how good the actual collection is, the legendary gun skins are really cool, and the bonus of two new sets of character stat trackers instead of one is exciting. Let’s take a look at everything.

Note: +10% XP Boosts are available at 750, and 3,000 points.

Decked Out Gibraltar Skin (1,000 points)

Decked Out Gibraltar skin
Screengrab via Respawn

Red Prism Legendary Charge Rifle Skin (5,000 points)

Red Prism Charge Rifle skin
Screengrab via Respawn

Turquoise Tranquility Legendary RE-45 Skin (2,000 points)

Turquoise Tranquility RE-45 skin
Screengrab via Respawn

Pathfinder Stat Trackers (1,500, 3,500 and 5,000 points)

Pathfinder Trackers
Assets via Respawn

Wattson Stat Trackers (750, 2,500 and 4,000 points)

Wattson Trackers
Assets via Respawn

Autonomous Keepsake Weapon Charm (500 points)

Autonomous Keepsake charm
Screengrab via Respawn

Fight Night Wallpaper (1,250 points)

Fight Night Wallpaper
Screengrab via Respawn

Fight Night Badges

Fight Night badges
Assets via Respawn

There are five badges you can unlock for the event, and as usual, they are a basic Prize Tracker reward, three challenge rewards, and a master badge for completing all of the challenges. Here is how to get all of them.

  • Fight Night: 250 points on the Prize Tracker
  • Airdrop Damager: 10,000 damage with Fully-Kitted weapons during Airdrop Takeover
  • Airdrop Downer: 100 knockdowns with Fully-Kitted weapons during Airdrop Takeover
  • Airdrop Ace: Win 5 Airdrop Takeover games
  • Airdrop Master: Get all of the other badges