All Pyrantula item drops and percentages in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Unfortunately, you can’t kill it with fire.

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak features a haunting and mysterious Citadel location. Monsters and wildlife in this region are fierce and provide many rare resources and crafting materials. The Pyrantula is a tiny arachnid with an explosive sack on its back. Keep clear of these critters while you hunt them, as their sacks will explode if they feel threatened. This guide will break down all items and materials these critters can drop.

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All Pyrantula material drops

The Pyrantula usually lurks in areas three and four of the Citadel map. They can also be found in the Master Rank version of the Lava Caverns, but the Citadel is the best bet to farm these creatures. Pack some deodorant when you hunt them, as their explosive attacks impart the blastblight status effect. Deodorant will cure you of the blastblight status effect upon use.

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The Pyrantula aren’t fragile like Vespoids, so feel free to use powerful attacks to take them out quickly. These are the items they drop when defeated.

  • Pyrantula Maroon Thread – 52% carve chance.
  • Tough Claw – 17% carve chance.
  • Monster Essence – 31% carve chance.

Unlike most other small wildlife, the Pyrantula only has one unique resource. Pyrantula Maroon Thread isn’t used often for armor or weapon upgrades. Instead, this rare resource is used for crafting powerful decorations centered around blastblight and fire status effects. Monster Essence is also a valuable resource for crafting many Master Rank armor sets and weapons.

Frequent trips to the Citadel will net you about six or seven per run. Ensure to defeat these creatures quickly, as a larger monster is almost always lurking nearby. Once you reach Master Rank three, you can send Meowcenaries to the Citadel during hunting trips. Use them judiciously to help you amass a healthy supply of the Pyrantula resources.