All Vespoid item drops and percentages in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Bring a bug zapper or two.

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The Vespoid are a pesky nuisance in the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak ecosystem. In Sunbreak, they have some rare materials that can be used in quite a few weapons and armor recipes. Farming these flying creatures is difficult, as most regular attacks will blast them apart. Use weak hits or the kunai to knock them down without destroying their body. The Vespoid armor is great against Astalos, a fearsome electric wyvern. This guide breaks down all Vespoid resources and where to farm them efficiently.

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All Vespoid material drops

Vespoid can be found in the Jungle and a handful of areas from the regular Rise campaign. Head to area nine in the Jungle to guarantee a few Vespoid kills every run to farm them efficiently. If you linger near them for too long, their sting can temporarily paralyze you. Avoid bringing any pets with you to farm these pests, as most pet attacks will destroy Vespoids and prevent you from carving their bodies for any resources.

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Carving these annoying critters will yield the following materials and items.

  • Vespoid Cortex – 43% carve chance.
  • Vespoid Razorwing – 32% carve chance.
  • Monster Essence – 25% carve chance.

You can also send your Meowcenaries to the Jungle location, which can supplement your individual hunts. This will guarantee a steady supply of this hard-to-farm material. Monster Essence is a valuable resource used in just about every beginner crafting recipe Sunbreak contains.

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Once you have these resources, head to Kamura Village or the Elgado hub area and begin forging or upgrading your weapons and armor. Vespoid armor will provide a steady set of paralysis resistance and attack bonuses. In the new Jungle area, feel free to hunt down some spare Velociprey. They can provide additional and much-needed crafting materials and resources while you’re in this location.