All rabbit and bunny Pokémon, ranked

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Pokémon has had many crazy and clever rabbit and bunny designs over the years. With such a large roster, it is likely that there will be some that stand out more than others, and a few that we question if they can even be considered a rabbit Pokémon. Fans can’t get enough of cute monsters, and it works even better when they function well in battle. Let’s break down all the rabbit and bunny Pokémon in the series and rank them from worst to best.

All rabbit and bunny Pokémon ranked from worst to best

11. Whismur

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We start this list off with a pretty forgettable Pokémon who we aren’t even totally sure is a rabbit. Whismur does have rabbit ears and would genuinely fall under the category of being a bunny if a label had to be put on it. While its eye design is super unique, there is nothing inherently memorable about Whismur. Its evolutionary line also strays way too far from the rabbit aesthetic, making this Pokémon the lowest on this tier list.

10. Nidoran Male and Female

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Nidoran Males and Females have the same issues as Whismur, but make up for it by being adorable. They are part of the original 151 Pokémon and so are way more likable than Whismur, but their rabbit features are offset by the fact that they have characteristics that become more reptilian as they evolve into their other forms. They are both utterly cute though, and sport bunny ears and buck teeth. For these reasons alone we have to put these rodents somewhere on the list.

9. Wigglytuff

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Wigglytuff is described as a balloon Pokémon, but there is no denying the rabbit influence that has gone into its design. Another member of the original crew, Wigglytuff is a super memorable Pokémon because of its famous pre-evolution, Jigglypuff. Gaining the Fairy typing in the sixth generation has done wonders for this monster, but it still sadly lacks in both useability and prominent bunny features outside of its large pointy ears. We are getting warmer, however.

8. Diggersby

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Diggersby is definitely a rabbit, but that doesn’t mean it’s winning any award for the best bunny Pokémon of all time. Diggersby is unique in the fact that it gains a Ground subtype after evolving, but it also becomes a little less fun to look at. The Pokémon’s ears becoming almost like shovels is a neat touch, but we can’t escape the feeling that Diggersby looks like it is up to something sinister. It also has an uncanny resemblance to Bugs Bunny, which ate too much chocolate and forgot to clean up afterwards. The idea is neat, but there are better bunny Pokémon for sure.

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7. Bunnelby

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Bunnelby has some of the same flaws in its evolution, but this is made up by the fact that it is absolutely adorable and way more of a genuine bunny in appearance. Bunnelby pulls ahead from Diggersby simply by being cuter, as you would obviously find more use for the Ground typing in a competitive team. Bunnelby can hold its own in lower tiers, however, with Ground attacks that don’t get the STAB bonus. It also featured prominently in the anime as one of Clemont’s Pokémon, increasing its cuteness tenfold.

6. Buneary

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Buneary is an absolutely perfect design when it comes to incorporating clever ideas into a Pokémon. It is obviously a rabbit, but it also doubles as a dust bunny. It is endlessly adorable and reminds us of a plush toy. However, admiration alone cannot make this the best bunny Pokémon. Buneary has little in the way to make it stand out in combat, and no unique typing to boost its staying prowess. Clever design can only get you so far.

5. Lopunny

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Lopunny is a great and elegant rabbit design that also has the added benefit of being super useful in combat via its Mega Evolution. Lopunny has fantastic eyebrows, and still retains the dust bunny aesthetic of Buneary. Mega Lopunny boosts all of this significantly by being an S-tier speedy attacker that can absolutely devastate in the right competitive environment. While Mega Evolution is not part of Scarlet and Violet, we can’t forget the mark this Pokémon left in the meta years ago.

4. Scorbunny

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Scorbunny is almost perfect when it comes to starter Pokémon popularity. It has the benefit of being an adorable Fire-type Pokémon with a spunky attitude and having the speed to help it fight in competitive battles against other unevolved monsters. If you add the spunky nature of this Pokémon from the anime series and its prominence as Go’s starter, it is no surprise that Scorbunny is up there on the list of best rabbit Pokémon.

3. Raboot

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Raboot takes what is already great about Scorbunny and doubles it. The ninja design mixed with a sporting flair makes it stick out with such a unique flair. When Scorbunny evolves into Raboot in the show, it develops an angsty teen attitude that many find a little standoffish, but they can’t deny the appeal of this Pokémon’s design and fast footing in combat. It’s an improvement over the best parts of Scorbunny.

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2. Cinderace

Image via The Pokémon Company

Cinderace is up there as one of the best rabbit Pokémon in the exceptionally large roster. It has an amazing design combining a bunny with a soccer player, and fits in well with the British theme of Sword and Shield where it first made its debut. People tend to love speedy Pokémon, and Cinderace managed to find a niche in the competitive scene based on its speed and powerful Fire attacks. Some fans are a bit turned off by its humanoid appearance, but this is one instance where it actually works well for the aesthetic.

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1. Azumarill

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Azumarill is just an all-around amazing Pokémon. While its first stage is actually more of a mouse, Azumarill is labeled as an aqua rabbit, and none can deny that is exactly what this Pokémon looks like. Being in the Gold and Silver Pokémon roster makes it instantly memorable, and the addition of its Fairy typing over the years has just added to its popularity. Azumarill is also an overused powerhouse in combat, as its type combination mixed with its Huge Power ability make it a devastating and bulky Physical attacker. It has been utilized on many teams to tackle Tera Raids in Scarlet and Violet, and has enjoyed its reign as the most powerful and cute rabbit Pokémon for many years now.